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8 amazing ideas to get more likes on Facebook

Do you really want to know how to increase likes on Facebook? Well, Facebook likes are always on top of social media marketing. We become used to seeing such things, “like us on Facebook”. Same to Facebook followers, likes are also important.

So, you come to the right place here we discuss 8 amazing ideas that show why Facebook likes are important and how we use them in social media marketing, and how to increase them by using these ideas. These ideas will work and you will see how it works.

  1. Use the right Facebook page URL:

Using the right Facebook page URL is mandatory if you want that people to like you. How is possible that people like you without recalling you properly? Make sure that the words you are using in the URL are clear and catchy and that peoples remember it for a longer time.

Do not use the bulk of words and sentences, use your company name as your Facebook page and use it in the URL to find you easily. Avoid using unnecessary words and numbers that look unprofessional. You can change your URL by going to the Facebook page setting then select page info and change your Facebook page URL under the username.

  1. Pin your top-operating post:

For getting more Facebook likes, you can pin your top demanding post. In this way, the new audience will engage with you quickly. If someone new visits your page and sees your pin post that is already in demand and performing well he/she will also like this pinned post.

This is a good way to boost your engagement with new audiences. You show your better face to the audience by pin your top-operating post.

In this way, you increase the lifespan of your top-operating post, as people are already engaging with your post, you know the worth of your post, and a new audience will like it. What if you do not have any top-operating posts? Do not worry about this, just remember the reason why someone visits your profile and likes it. They want something catchy and interesting that engages them. In addition, you will pin any of your posts by keeping this in your mind.

You can start any sale on Facebook that your fans know and can pin any post that engages you with your audience in the form that you ask them to share themselves to win any reward etc.

  1. Use your Facebook page on your website:

Well, you can increase your likes by sharing your Facebook page link on your website. You can take advantage of your website traffic by encouraging them to like your Facebook page. They are already interested in your company and can easily jump into your Facebook site if you encourage them and promote your page.

Well, it is a two-way process; you get benefits from both sides. Imagine a new visitor coming to your page through your website and in this way you get more likes on your page. By using Facebook, fee pro plugins that easily display your page on WordPress sites.

By using this plugin, you can show your page feed to the website and can copy the theme of your site. Therefore, you will show your Facebook feeds that match your company’s visual identity.

  1. Post at a right time:

Posting at a right time? This means there is any specific time when you need to post your content.

Yes, exactly that is what we mean to say, there is proper timing when your audience is most active and you need to post your content at that particular time.

When you are reading all the ideas then we will suggest that this is the best idea for your query that how to increase likes on Facebook.

While you are marketing with your fellow brands than we will suggest you that from Tuesday to Thursday 9 am to 2 pm is the best time to post about your product. If you are marketing for the customers then we suggest that Monday to Wednesday at noon is the best time for posting because customers are most probably active at this time.

Nevertheless, you cannot believe in estimated timings, you need proper information, so for this purpose, you need to know the exact timings of your audience’s online presence for optimization. For this purpose go to your insights and click on posts, and select when your audience is online. The graph exactly shows you the perfect times when your audience is active, your posts will be noticed, and you get more likes on your Facebook posts.

Now, for better engagement, you can post on the exact timings of your audience when they are most active and your post comes to their feed and they will like it.

  1. Post audience-centered content:

That’s so obvious that if our content is according to users’ needs then it will mostly be like if that is irrelevant then no one likes it for sure. Keep in view your targeted audience and what they prefer more. You can buy Facebook likes uk but still, need to focus on their interest to boost your engagement.

Customers are always attracted to promotions, when you give them discounts they will like you more. Keep this concept in your mind and draw content according to this. There are still 2 important points in your content that you need to keep in mind while creating your content.

  1. You need to give promotions and special offers to your audience in the post.
  2. Create your content on the ideas of your followers and mention their names. In this way, they will engage with you more.


  1. Create live video sessions: 

Facebook itself accepts that live sessions are 6x better than regular videos for boosting your interaction with the audience. When you start live sessions, the friends of your fans also recognize your brand, visit your page, and like it.

If you want to start your live video, go to the live button and select all the onscreen instructions, and go for it. Now what it gives you benefit and you receive it as a bonus that your fans will be notified when you start the live session. You can also share your Facebook live on your website for more engagement. You will direct with your audience, some random people also come to your live session and after that, they like your page. In this way, you increase the likes on your Facebook page and do follow a great marketing strategy.

  1. Sharing content on other social media platforms:

While answering the question of how to increase likes on Facebook, the idea of sharing content on other social media platforms Is the most suitable one. What bothers you about posting the link of your Facebook page content to other social media platforms? Nothing! Right it costs nothing you just need to share the link on your Twitter content or other social media platforms.

In this way, you engage the audience of other platforms with you and your fans love to visit your content on other platforms. In this way, your audience on other social media platforms interact with the Facebook page and like it.

You can also share your all-social media content on your website to give them maximum engagement.

  1. Buy Facebook likes:

The last but paid idea is that you can buy uk Facebook likes to increase impressions on your page. In this way, your business grows and you work properly and your page runs smoothly. Although, this idea costs more, but will give you an ultimate push-up for instant growth on your Facebook page.


Facebook likes are the key to success on this platform. If you have more likes the more you earn from it. For this purpose, in this article, we deeply discuss all the ideas through which we can increase the likes on Facebook.


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