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Benefits of a Crypto Payment Gateway

The world has developed to an extent that people can do transactions via digital currencies. With the appearance of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc millions of people have become regular buyers and sellers of them. As a result that, the majority of people prefer to do transactions where a crypto payment gateway.

If you’re a business owner or a merchant, it’s high time for you to set up a crypto payment gateway for your business. If you’re looking for a reliable, 100% secure crypto payment gateway, go check out bitspace. Bitspace supports 10 plus coins and 25 plus currencies. In addition, you get an instant payment process, worldwide acceptance, and honest service from them.

In this article, we’ll see what are the benefits of a crypto payment gateway. This article will surely fasten your way to get a crypto payment gateway. Let’s begin!

  • Increase your customer base

What’s better than having many regular customers for your business? Reliable and regular customers are key to the success of each business. With the emerging of digital currencies, many people prefer to do transactions via a crypto payment gateway. For them, it gives no hassle and less pressure. Since many businesses are still figuring out how the crypto payment gateway works, it’s a good chance for you to keep a step ahead of them by setting up a crypto payment gateway for your business. Undoubtedly, it will bring you a new set of customers!

  • Low transaction fees 
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Currently, both online businesses and customers face difficulties when it comes to transaction fees. Lots of local banks, debit/credit cards deduct a transaction fee as a result of the third-party involvements. The best thing about crypto payment gateway is that there are no third-party involvements.     Hence, the transaction fee is only limited to 2% to 4%. Another important thing is that you can do any international payment at a lower transaction fee. Doubtlessly, low transaction fees will reduce the reluctance of customers to do transactions online.

  • Irreversible payments 

If you’re using Paypal or other traditional payment methods like bank credit/debit cards, the customers are more likely to cancel the orders or reduce the ordered quantity. Such incidents are a risk factor to your business. If a customer cancels or reduces the order quantity after you ship the order, you will have to bear a loss of some amount. In order to avoid this issue, crypto payments have introduced permanent payments. Once you do a payment, it cannot be reversed. I think that’s a good relief for any vendor!

  • Secure transactions 

There is nothing for you to do about getting a crypto payment gateway to your business. Generally, crypto payments are 100% secure, fast, and reliable. Similar to the other payment methods, crypto payments also take less than 2 minutes to complete a transaction. You can pay any amount at any time to any part of the world instantly using crypto payment gateways. So, isn’t it a good idea to set up a crypto payment gateway to your business right away?

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Importance of choosing Bitspace as the crypto payment gateway 

You must be wondering why Bitspace is so popular in 2021. Bitspace is going to be the best alternative for fiat payment methods. If you’re a merchant, or a customer Bitspace provides incredible services for you!

  • Opportunity to choose between 25 currencies. You can choose any currency of your choice to sell the products you want!
  • Bitspace automatically calculates the best price and shows the amount to be paid in real-time. The amount will be calculated instantly and will be showing in Bitcoin for you!
  • Options to withdraw the balance in fiat or cryptocurrency. Once your customers do the payments, you get the chance to withdraw them in any of the above-said methods!

Head over to Bistpace right away and set up the Crypto payment gateway to enjoy more services!


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