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ConvertKit Review – What is ConvertKit and how does it work

An essential element of any online business is digital marketing. People may not be aware of your brand or products if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

It can also reduce the visibility of your brand, and your sales. ConvertKit Review can help you identify all situations.

This is why digital marketers often search for software and tools to help promote their brands. Many digital marketing tools can help you grow your business.

ConvertKit is just one example of such a tool. We will be reviewing ConvertKit in detail today. Online businesses will be able to determine if ConvertKit is right for them by reading this Convertkit review.

Table of Contents

  • ConvertKit Review – What is ConvertKit and how does it work.
  • ConvertKit Review: The Features of ConvertKit
    • 1. 1.
    • 2. Sign up for email
    • 3. Email marketing
    • 4. Segments and tags
    • 5. Automated email marketing funnels
  • ConvertKit Review – Benefits of ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit Review – PROS of ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit Review – CONS of ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit Pricing
  • Conclusion

ConvertKit Review: What’s ConvertKit and how does it work.

ConvertKit can be described as a tool or platform that assists you in email marketing. Email marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. A good email marketing strategy can help you increase sales and grow your business.

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ConvertKit is a service provider of email services. ConvertKit is well-known for its email solutions that it offers to bloggers, influencers and content creators.

ConvertKit is now a powerful digital marketing tool with tons of features. ConvertKit is more than an ESP. In a moment, we will review ConvertKit.

ConvertKit allows you to send emails to your subscribers to let them know about your business and increase your product’s visibility.

Management of your subscribers can be difficult, especially for large organizations with many contacts. ConvertKit helps such businesses manage their subscribers effectively and saves them both time and effort.

For businesses that rely on email campaigns, a reliable email marketing plan is essential.

ConvertKit Review: The Features of ConvertKit

ConvertKit reviews have been a huge help to thousands of people and businesses in establishing a brand identity. For a ConvertKit Review, we have listed some of the most useful features.

  1. 1.

ConvertKit is more than an email marketing solution. ConvertKit allows users to create stunning landing pages.

Landing pages that are visually appealing will help you increase your email subscribers and improve your visibility.

ConvertKit offers a wide range of templates that you can use for your landing pages. Click on the template that interests you and it will be saved as your landing page template.

  • The templates can also be edited. You can also edit the background and edit the headings.
  • ConvertKit allows you to create an entire landing page and not need to code. However, you can customize your landing pages through CSS.
  • You can also find 100,000+ images on the popular stock photography platform Unsplash.
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ConvertKit allows you to choose captivating images for your landing pages.

ConvertKit’s landing pages are completely responsive. This is the most amazing thing about them. Mobile devices are becoming more popular so responsiveness is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

A responsive landing page improves the user experience for your audience. It also helps you to grow your subscriber list.

ConvertKit’s opt-in forms on landing pages are also designed to convert your audience into customers. Landing pages include keyword-smart copy that helps you target relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords can help you reach more people from around the globe. This increases your sales and gives you a better ROI.

  1. Sign up for email

ConvertKit also allows you to create professional email signup forms. This feature allows you to add your fields to collect customer data.

You can create different content for each audience by collecting custom data.

You can customize all of the email sign up forms to meet your needs. To generate leads, you can modify the background and text.

  • There are three options for email sign-up forms.
  • To grab attention, you can make inline, popup, or slide-in email sign up forms.
  • ConvertKit’s email sign-up forms can all be integrated into websites or other landing pages. ConvertKit’s email signup forms can be integrated with Shopify, WordPress, and Leadpages.
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You can choose what content your visitors see each day and send personalized messages to those who have signed up for your email.

You can also create unlimited forms with one payment. You can create unlimited tailored forms to convert your visitors into subscribers.

  1. Email marketing

ConvertKit, as mentioned, is a ESP. This means that its primary focus is on optimizing your email marketing strategy. ConvertKit allows you to send your subscribers emails with a unique layout. You have a wide range of email templates to choose from.

ConvertKit allows you to attach videos and add images using its integrated styling feature.

Your subscribers will enjoy a better user experience when they get your emails. It adds a personal touch. This can convert your subscribers to your customers.

ConvertKit’s email marketing features are so effective because 98% of your emails are delivered directly to your subscribers.

ConvertKit emails are not put in the spam folder or flagged by your subscribers’ systems. ConvertKit emails are read 30% more than average, making it one of the most effective email marketing tools on the market.

  1. Segments and tags

ConvertKit allows you to tag and segment your subscribers. This can be done by monitoring the activity of your subscribers via the emails that you send. ConvertKit offers an email sign-up form that allows you to collect additional data.

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Segments and tags allow you to send specific content to certain segments of your audience. A different segment can receive personalized messages.

  1. Automated email marketing funnels

A flowchart can be created for visitors that includes several events linked together. You can decide what message or content you want to send to your audience based on the actions they have taken.

ConvertKit automatically sends all messages. You just need to create a flowchart, and choose the message that you want to display before your segment.

You can also use the messages to encourage your audience to take specific actions. ConvertKit’s best feature is its ability to filter buyers from non-buyers.

This means that you cannot accidentally send an email about a product that someone in your audience has purchased, unless you are willing to do so.

ConvertKit Review: The Benefits of ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers many benefits. Below are some of the most well-known.

  • Increase user engagement with A/B testing

To grab users’ attention, your email subject line is crucial. If you want to get your subscribers to open your emails, a catchy subject line is essential.

ConvertKit allows you to test two different subject lines for email. ConvertKit Smart System automatically determines which subject line received the highest opening rates.

To maximize user engagement, you can use the email subject line from your previous emails. This is something you can’t overlook when discussing ConvertKit Review.

  • This allows you to see the stats

ConvertKit’s email tracker feature allows you to quickly analyze the performance and effectiveness of your emails. ConvertKit allows you to view open and clicked rates for every email you send.

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ConvertKit also offers information about conversion. Statistics can help you identify what is working and what you can improve your email marketing strategy. ConvertKit Review also discusses this important topic.

  • Broadcast emails

ConvertKit allows you to send automatic messages whenever you like. Your email will automatically be delivered to your recipients if you specify the date, time, and day.

This automation feature helps business owners, content creators, bloggers and others save time.

  • This helps you to survey your audience.

ConvertKit allows you to see in real time where your visitors are. This surveillance allows you to see what steps are missing in your workflow. This surveillance also allows you to identify which steps are helping convert your audience into subscribers.

This surveillance will allow you to optimize the steps that are keeping your audience from becoming your subscribers.

This will help you grow your business effectively and be competitive in the market.

  • GDPR compliance

ConvertKit’s email sign-up and opt-in forms as well as the emails that you send are compliant with GDPR. This means that all data collected and emails sent through ConvertKit comply with the Federal Law.

As an email marketer, being GDPR compliant will help you avoid future problems such as getting penalized. This is something you will need to know when discussing ConvertKit Review.

  • Promote your digital products.

Convertkit allows you to promote your digital products, increase sales and create a dynamic sales page. This feature is great for e-commerce marketers.

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Multiple products can have different pages, such as e-books, newsletters, coaching online, and so forth.

Your customers will be attracted to your unique product page. You can also decide the price of your products.

There are many ways to send your paid subscribers your newsletters. You can send the newsletter directly to them, for example.

  • Transaction fees are low

ConvertKit charges a transaction fee to help you promote and sell digital products. The fee is just 3.5%.

This applies only to products that are already being sold. You will not be charged if you cannot sell any of the digital products.

  • It’s affordable

ConvertKit offers three plans. There are three plans: Creator Pro, Free and Creator Pro. You can send 1000 emails with the free plan, which costs $0 This plan does not include many features.

The Creator plan costs $29/month and allows you to manage 1000 subscribers. It also allows for free migration. The Creator Pro plan is $59/mo. and includes all of the above features.

These plans are more affordable than other ESPs.


Below are some of the cons of ConvertKit reviews.

  • Video training – Convertkit offers video training and workshops that will help your content reach the maximum number of people. Convertkit also offers on-demand workshops. This helps content creators increase their visibility.
  • ConvertKit features inspiring stories from creators – ConvertKit contains many stories by some of the greatest creators of all times. These stories can be inspiring for other content creators and can be motivating.
  • Smooth workflow – The interface is easy to use and the workflow is seamless. It’s a great platform for content creators who are just starting out.
  • Influential automation – The automation process works.
  • Visual automation is a powerful tool that allows you to control the sequences you select.
  • It is easy to set up forms. Both opt-in and email signup forms are simple to create and publish. The forms can be created in a matter of minutes and do not require any programming. This is a great tool for those who don’t have any technical knowledge.
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ConvertKit Review: CONS OF ConvertKit

ConvertKit has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks. Below are some of the cons of ConvertKit.

  • Despite the user-friendly interface, sometimes the automation process can be difficult.
  • There are no videos that show how to use the software.
  • Templates can only be modified in a limited way.
  • There are many features that require patience. The platform is a great tool for your business to grow.

ConvertKit Pricing

Pi7compressedScreenshot 245 - ConvertKit Review - What is ConvertKit and how does it work

Convertkit offers some of the best pricing plans, which can be customized to suit your specific needs. These are the pricing options available and how they work.

  • This free package is open to all and can be used for up 1000 subscribers.
  • The Creator package costs 25 per month. If you have 500K subscribers, it will cost $1916 per monthly.
  • The Creator Pro package costs $50 per month. It will cost $2166 per monthly if you have 500K subscribers.

These options are not the only great part. You get 2 months of complimentary services if your annual payment is made. If you have additional subscribers, you can reach their team.


This ConvertKit Review covers everything you need to know about ConvertKit. ConvertKit is an email service provider that can help you create a solid email marketing strategy.

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