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Discover the benefits of Merino wool

The merino sheep: one of the oldest and strongest sheep breeds in the world, loved for its special fur made of ‘merino wool’. To get to know this special animal, we fly to the other side of the world, to New Zealand to be precise. There, on the mountains of the South Island (the Southern Alps), merino sheep graze in large herds.

The changing climate of their habitat – with temperatures up to 35°C in summer and 20°C below zero in winter – requires the animals to be highly adaptable. Yet it is no problem for the sheep to survive in these extreme conditions; they owe this to their very special woolen coat. In summer, the coat is thin, light and breathable. In winter, an extra layer of wool grows over the base coat, which provides extra protection and insulation.

Wool scarf online insulates, absorbs moisture, is elastic and water and dirt repellent. Wool is also antibacterial, neutralizes odors and protects against UV radiation. Sounds good right? But there are still many people who think / find that wool has many disadvantages. Wool itches, you can’t wash it, it pills, fluffs and felted. We explain the ‘disadvantages’ of wool and give tips on how to properly maintain wool, so that you can enjoy it for longer.

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Wool itches

Wool is a natural material and nice and warm, but there are also many people who look negatively at wool, because they expect wool to itch. This does not apply to all types of wool. The fibers of wool vary in thickness from 10 to 40 micrometers. The thicker the wool, the more the wool will itch. Most people experience the tickle of wool from 28 micrometers, this is also called the itching point. The merino sheep gives the finest wool and is experienced as not itchy, therefore wool from the merino sheep is extremely suitable to wear . Wool does not always itch!

Wool wash

Many people think that wool gets smelly and is unhygienic because you can’t wash it. But did you know that wool is actually very hygienic? Wool has a self-cleaning capacity and an antibacterial effect, so it is actually one of the most hygienic materials we know. You can easily refresh wool by hanging it outside (preferably in the mist) for a while. Would you rather wash wool? Choose a wool wash program, use a wool detergent and wash the wool at 30 degrees with a low spin setting.

100% wool socks wear out faster

Due to the pressure points of the feet, such as the heels, wool scarf mens made of 100% wool wear out faster. A good alternative to 100% wool socks are socks with a mix of materials that ensure a good fit and are also much more durable, so you can enjoy socks for longer. If you prefer to wear 100% wool socks, don’t wash them too often, but hang them outside (in the mist). Also make sure your feet are free of calluses to prevent faster wear and tear and switch often enough with another pair of wool socks.

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