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The fuse box is something which works for years and it does need upgrading or replacing easily. Most of the house owners of London are aware of the fuse box installation or wiring a fuse box themselves. Then know whom to call for help and when it happened previously.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the fuse box because the present one is quite old and it is no longer meeting the safety regulations. Another reason to discard maybe it has got damaged somehow and needs replacing. If either of the two situations does not occur then there is nothing to worry about. Again, to stay on the safer side inform Electric Works London, they can come to your place and check it.

  • What is the Fuse Box?

A fuse board has different names like a fuse board, consumer unit, or electricity board. The work of it is to safeguard the property where it is present. It is basically a gatekeeper for any kind of electric current to enter the property. The new models have a series of Residual Current Devices or RCDs which correspond to different parts of the electrical system present within the building. Some people install different RCDs for different reasons, like one for lights, the other for electric ovens and so on. The work of RCD is to cut the power that very moment when it finds that it is drawing excessive power or a fault is about to occur. This prevents the property and people living from dangerous accidents.

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  • Why does one need to replace the fuse board?

There are mainly three reasons to replace the fuse board, firstly because it is necessary to upgrade the electrical system, replacing the old one, maybe a plastic one with the metal case or the present one is not working properly. It is necessary to upgrade the old one because it needs more capacity. This happens because people keep updating their lifestyle, maybe they install a new electric shower or any high-power electrical appliance. Unfortunately, they forget the capacity of the fuse box.


  • How long does it take to complete the job?

There are a few factors that play when it comes to the duration of changing the fuse box. It also depends on the skill of the electrician as in how efficient he is in doing this work. The condition of the consumer unit is also important, one which is in good condition will be much easier to replace than the one that is damaged. The electricians of Electrical Works London generally take two to three hours to complete it. They also do check how the appliances are working before leaving the client’s place.


  • Can one replace it on its own?

It is not advisable to do this work all by yourself unless and until you are a professional electrician. This does not mean that one should try to but it is better to call a qualified one who knows the present rules well. Though there are a few electrical works that anyone can do that are changing the electrical outlet or the light switch. Whereas some are really dangerous and need more restrictive laws to be followed.



Finding a certified electrician is also a huge job because if anything happens after he leaves then the house owner has to pay the penalty. The best thing that one can do is ask for referrals from friends or hire the one who can do the entire work single-headedly.


  • What is the cost of work?

Here again, the price will affect the fuse box, whether it is required to change completely or a bit fixing here and there will suffice. If you call a professional electrician who is in this profession for a long time, he will check the entire connection, do everything necessary, and maybe charge 500 to 550 pounds. If someone charges less please do not be happy about it, maybe he is not doing the complete work and leaving the work for someone else. This kind of work no clients expect these types of works give rise to serve problems in the coming days.


  • Is there any other work that an electrician needs to do?

Generally, there will be no other additional work other than replacing the fuse box but sometimes replacement work gives rise to other issues. Sometimes wiring a fuse box is necessary if the electrician finds out that it is not up to the standard. Therefore, he will replace it and this will create another additional work for him. Many times, some non-electrical nature additional work crops up, for example, it is a requirement to see that the fuse box is securely mounted. Suppose if the walls of an old property are deteriorating or it is not up to the standard then it is necessary to first fix the wall or find a new location for the fuse board. The wall has to be in good condition to hold the fuse board for several years.

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  • What are the risks of having a faulty fuse box or improperly installed?

If the fuse box is not properly installed then one has to suffer from power outages within the property and obviously, the RCDs will not trigger anything if something is going wrong. Probably accidents can take place, something serious can happen as well as electrical fire or electrocution. If you see that the fuse box is not working properly then kindly change it before it is too late.

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If you are planning to buy an old property the first thing you need to check is the fuse box. Ask the property owner to give all the papers and bills of it, so that you can understand what is the condition of the electrical system. If you think you cannot understand this matter properly then take help from any domestic electrician. They will come and check the property and will let you know if any of this is needed or not.

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