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Growth Hacker Marketing what it is and How it Works

The Growth Hacker is an extremely growth focused part of marketing ; initially it was born as a term linked to the activities of start-ups , which generally, in fact, need to grow exponentially, in a short time, and with reduced costs . Then, given the effectiveness of this marketing approach, growth hacking has become a discipline and a strategy that has been adopted even by large companies that are already established.

Growth Hacker Marketing: what it’s based on

A typical example of a growth hacker marketing development team is that made up of different but complementary professionals, who apply together to find new and creative solutions , smarter and cheaper alternatives to traditional marketing funnels, such as using social networks. in an innovative way, devising viral marketing campaigns or anything else that manages to (successfully) get out of the usual patterns.

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It is a marketing conceived largely by applying the so-called “lateral thinking”; it is a mindset, a mental scheme that aims to find new and at the same time replaceable solutions, therefore with an absolute grip on reality that must never fail.

Growth Hacker Marketing: the 3 fundamental pillars and how it differs from traditional marketing

The definition reported by Raffaele Gait, one of the most important and influential growth hackers in Italy, is the following: “Growth Hacking is a process of rapid experimentation on the product and marketing channels to find the most efficient way to grow a business. “

And always following his explanation, here are the 3 fundamental and essential pillars of any marketing activity that aspires to be referred to as “growth hacking”:

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  • growth hacker marketing is a process (not an impromptu “gimmick”!), which analyzes and subjects both the marketing and the product to subsequent experiments, intertwining data and results to arrive at the definition of a replicable strategy (ie measurable, repeatable and scalable );
  • growth hacker marketing must always have two feet in two stirrups, which are efficiency and getting the most with the minimum budget;
  • Growth hacker marketing is entirely and totally focused on business growth; other objectives do not concern this approach.

Growth hacking is a bit like the Mr. Wolf of the situation, coming in and solving problems! Quickly, effectively, and getting the most with the least.

Growth hacker marketing differs from traditional marketing both for the mental approach ( “Think out of the box!, And therefore” creative “), but also for the fact that it must be, as we have already said, scalable / repeatable and fast in obtaining positive results.

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Furthermore, if traditional marketing is usually concerned with making brand awareness and increasing the number of customers, growth hacker marketing goes much further, for example also dealing with how to adapt the process over time, how to retain customers and all those aspects related to revenue.

We have therefore tried, in these few paragraphs, to give you a smattering of what growth hacker marketing is , an approach that has made the fortune of many companies, even very famous and international ones. And since there is always something to learn from the “older ones”, the invitation is to continue to reflect on the concepts expressed in the article and try to understand if they could be effective in turning your type of business around.

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