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How To Become A Video Editor

Do you aspire to make money by creating eye-soothing visual stories? Are you looking forward to a job that is a mix of both technology and creativity? How about something that you can do from the comfort of your home, just with stable internet and a good PC or laptop?


If you have answered yes to the above, then taking up video editing as a career won’t make you regret it!


Being a video editor is among one of the most creative jobs available today. But what does it take to become a professional video editor? What video editor tools and equipment does one need to break into this space? How is one paid as a video editor?


Today, in this article, we’ll be addressing all these questions, and we will see how to become an expert at video editing with the right video editor tools!


Before understanding how to become a good video editor, let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider taking up video editing professionally:


  • One of the best jobs if you are a creative techie: If you are someone who has a clear innovative mind and is heavily influenced by surrounding technology, trust me, you won’t regret becoming a video editor!
  • Highly lucrative: The average video editor earns around $50 an hour! The numbers can go as high as $200 per hour depending upon your expertise!
  • Learn something new every day: Evolving technology is a never-ending process, and so is video editing, thus making it a career full of excitement!
  • Fast-paced growing industry: Today, videos have taken over the internet. Every brand, every influencer, all want good grade videos. The demand for video editors is crazily high, and this market is going to rise in the future further!
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Now, since we have got enough background knowledge about video editing and reasons like why to take it as a career, I think that we are now good to dive into our main topic!


How to become a video editor?


  • How to learn to edit videos: Learning to edit videos can be overwhelming. That complex screen with thousands of features that lets you control your creativity with technology is overwhelming for sure! The best way to start is to pick up any video editor tool of your choice and learn its basics at the beginning.

At first, our main concern is to get out of that overwhelming stage and understand the software and know-how to use it to accomplish simple tasks! Once you have that general grasp of the software, the next goal is to use a good video editor tool to make small video projects on your own. The learning path is not going to be straightforward! You’ll get stuck, the software might crash, and anything could happen, but you need to have that patience and over time you’ll become a competent video editor! There are a lot of YouTube channels and Udemy courses as well that you can check out:

    1. They teach more about using a video editor tool to effective edit your videos, even advanced-level stuff like the animations you see in movies, and a lot more!
    2. Parker Walbeck: He is a full-time filmmaker and a YouTube content creator! He talks about video editing and filmmaking stuff, which you might find helpful!
    3. Casey Neistat: A YouTube vlogger with more than 10 million subscribers, he talks about his gears and video edits. You can learn a lot by looking at the way he edits his videos, and try to use the video editor he uses and recommends for the same!
    4. Adobe Premiere Pro CC master class by Phil Ebiner: This is one of the bestseller courses on Udemy, and this course is having more than 30k+ ratings alone. You can learn from the most beginner-friendly stuff to advanced topics, such as editing green screen footage and applying stabilization in post-production using a video editor tool in this course!
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  • What does a Video Editor do: The job of a video editor is vast and diverse, but to put that in short, it’s someone who knows the art of stitching moving pictures to depict a visual story! From videos for YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook to films and documentaries, everything is being edited by a video editor, just with different levels of expertise. To tell briefly, a day-to-day video editor works closely with their client or team in visualizing the project. They spend most of their time using video editing softwares to do these activities. A video editing profession can be of various types:
    1. Freelancer
    2. Full-time video editor
    3. Contract-based video editor


  • Does one need a degree for becoming a video editor?: The answer to this question is undoubtedly the easiest, and it’s “A big fat NO!”. You don’t need a degree to become a professional video editor! At the end of the day, all that matters is your skills, and you can learn them even without attending a formal course. The main benefit of attending a formal program is that it keeps you surrounded by people like you who have the same mindset of filmmaking and video editing. There are several online video editors that quickly and affordably help you make the best professional-looking videos, for your practice and your official work.
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  • How much can you make as a video editor?: As with any industry, your compensation depends a lot on how well you are! If you are into freelancing, your value not only depends on your experience but also on your ability to negotiate and charge the client. Don’t expect the client to pay thousands of dollars to you in the beginning; you need to show a proven track record to reach there!


  • Opportunities as a Video Editor: Once you have turned into a professional video editor, the next thing you will be eager for is the opportunities to showcase your work and earn money. When you start as a video editor, you only need to know your niche, effectively use a good video editing tool, and slowly connect and approach relevant clients. This will make the journey a lot easier for you!


Wrapping Up!

Videos are ruling the internet right now! Everybody wants great videos for them as they know how social media algorithms favour video content! Thus, taking up video editing as a career can prove to be fruitful in the upcoming future!





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