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How to create a new online casino brand from scratch in 2023

When we talk about a business that is often growing in the market, casino sites first come to mind. They attract investors and entrepreneurs all the time, especially if they have a good gaming platform.


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But the question that many ask is: how to start an online casino business? Well, we can say that this is possible, as long as you know how to do it.


To that end, we called on online gambling expert Ella Houghton (see more of her work here) to help us prepare interesting and useful content for those looking to start a casino brand next year.

What to do

The history of online casinos goes back way back since technologies managed to evolve to the point where it was possible to create interactive games and bring them to people all over the world, or at least in one country, through the internet. However, we can say that we are at the best time to start a business of this type. But, why?

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Well, during the last few years, online gambling has attracted more and more people, especially during the pandemic that forced them to change their habits. As a result, many gamblers flocked to the casino sites and realized how good they were.


Another detail is that innovations within this market are increasing. The features offered become better and more interesting. Therefore, many studies indicate that this market will still grow in the coming years.


However, for you to be able to create a good new online casino brand, you need to pay attention to some details. Here is a short list of what is important to do:

  • Conduct market analysis
  • Choose the locations where your service will be available
  • Create a business plan
  • Search for a license
  • Create the site and hire staff
  • Have a good marketing strategy


Now that you already know the basics, it is time to understand the importance of each one of these things.

Market analysis

As in any business, you need to conduct analyses to understand more about the market you are trying to enter. And how do you do it? By searching more about your competitors.


This means checking other casino sites, like the New York online casino, and also searching for gamblers’ opinions. That way you’ll know what the main things in online casino sites are should have.

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Place of operation

As we said before, there are many most popular online casinos that are available worldwide, while others prefer to choose a specific country or region to provide services. Before starting your business, it is important that you choose a location for your website.


For a new brand online casino in 2023, the best would be to start with a country and then increase the range.

Business plan

Another standard matter. A business plan helps you prepare your business in the best way possible. It means analyzing how much will be needed to invest and gathering capital do to so, as well as preparing a corporate structure.


Use this moment to set what are going to be the features you’ll provide gamblers, what is the new casino car, which software providers you want to use on your platform, and other things.


If there is a thing any trustable and good casino site must have, it is the license. There are many governmental entities that provide them. Some can be international, while others just count for a specific area.


Before opening your platform, be sure to check which licenses are needed for the area you want to provide service in order to have a legal website.

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Site and Staff

After you’ve done all the previous matters, it is time to start creating your platform. For that, you’ll need to hire staff that will be responsible for the maintenance of the website and all the things related to it.


Here is also the time to check with game providers to check which options of slots, roulettes and other casino games will be available on your platform.

Marketing and Ads

With a good and licensed platform available, it is time to start the disclosure. Create a good marketing strategy and good ads to help gamblers find your site.


Use paid ads and also free features, such as blogs on how to play online casinos and social media, to create content and call the attention of potential users.

Final Words


Creating a casino brand is not impossible; however, it is a task that requires time and good management, as in any other business.


You’ll need to do a lot of research, gather capital and prepare good strategies to not only provide a good gambling experience for your users but also to attract their attention and show them how great your platform is.


That way, you’ll be able to not only create a casino brand in 2023 but also be successful with it.

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