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How to Find the Perfect Office Chair

Whether people work remotely or in a commercial building, working in an office means they spend a lot of time seated. With numerous chairs in the market, people must ensure they choose one that will be comfortable to sit on for long periods without affecting their backs or shoulders.


Some of the features to consider when shopping for the best office chair include:



This is among the essential features because it affects the posture of the person using the chair. A good chair should allow the user to have their feet flat and thighs horizontal to the ground without compressing them. It should also allow the user’s elbows to be just above the tabletop.


A good office chair should also have a height adjuster, preferably a pneumatic adjuster. That lets the user use different tables and allows others to use them comfortably. The best office chair height is usually 16-21 inches.

Seat depth and width


These features support the user and make it comfortable to use the chair longer. Seat depth refers to the chair’s distance from the front to the back. A good seat depth allows the user to sit with their backs against the chair’s backrest with a two to a four-inch gap between the chair and the user’s back of the knee.

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The user should also be able to adjust their seats backwards or forward without hurting their back. The standard office chair width is between 17 and 20 inches.

Backrest/ Lumbar support


This is another crucial feature to ensure proper back support and posture, and it should be the right height, width, and shape. The appropriate width is usually 12-19 inches, and if the backrest comes attached to the seat, it should be adjustable backwards and forward.


This allows the user to adopt various postures like semi-reclined or upright. The perfect angle between the back and thighs should be 95-105 degrees, with the chest and abdomen open instead of compressed.


Lumbar support is another feature to look for in the backrest. It should have a shape that adjusts to the natural spine contour, with a slight curvature where the lumbar spine is. The chair should also allow for free shoulder and arm movements. Poor lower back support eventually causes the user to attain a slouched posture and could result in lower back issues.



A good armrest supports your arms, relieving the pressure off your shoulders and neck. While some chairs have fixed armrests, it’s essential that they have adjustable height for increased comfort throughout the day.

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The armrest should allow the user’s hands to be just on top of their desk and should not prevent them from getting close to their desk.



This critical feature enables people to reach different parts of their desks easily. The absence of this feature forces the user to constantly tilt their back, causing strain that could result in back problems.

Seat material


An office chair material should be firm enough to offer support but comfortable and breathable to use for extended periods. According to Office Supermarket, the chair should also be the right colour for the user’s desk. Users with white office desks have an easier time because it goes well with many colours.


When looking for an office chair, people should look for one that will be comfortable over long periods and protect their back, shoulders, and neck. Whether using white office desks or whatever other cold, they should also ensure the chair colour matches for a more put-together office.



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