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How to score an excellent percentage in Board exams?

The 10th and 12th board exams are rapidly coming, and the next few months will be critical in your preparation. It’s difficult enough to study for an exam that is regarded as one of the most important of your life. Board examinations are likely to be the first of many problems you will face as a child, among the many others you will face later in life. But the good news is that even with only one month of preparation, you can easily get 90+.


And you only have a limited amount of time to prepare. When you have a limited amount of time, the first thing you should focus on is time management. Your exam success is determined by how well you manage your time. Make sure you devote the appropriate amount of time to each subject, based on your level of expertise and the scope of the syllabus. LMS portals should be used by schools to manage school activities.


One strategy to organize your studies is to begin preparing for examinations in reverse order, that is, start with the last exam and work your way up to the first exam around a week before the exam date. Building concepts without first mastering the fundamentals is a bad and exhausting approach to study.

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Textbooks provide in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals, and once a student has this knowledge, he can readily solve problems in other reference books. There’s a slim chance you’ll get a question that doesn’t come from your textbooks. Make sure you understand every concept and topic in your textbook. Questions can be asked from any part, including diagrams, tables, and graphs. A two-hour period of constant study is ideal. Teachers can teach students from online teaching sites.


Every 2 hours can be split down into 1-hour intervals with a 10-minute break in between. You should keep your mind clear of any exam-related thoughts or tension while on ‘holiday.’ Your mind is not on a break if you utilize the break time to talk about the syllabus with pals or plan your next round of studying. The next round of studying will be less productive if your mind does not take a vacation.


Nobody enjoys studying math for six hours in a row. Give yourself a variety of subjects to work on each day to reduce your chances of becoming bored soon. Don’t try to cram too many easy subjects/topics into a single day, and don’t overburden yourself with tough issues.


To get the most out of your day, start with a simple subject or topic for an hour or so, then go on to a more difficult subject or topic once you’ve warmed up. To gain a sense of the exam pattern and common questions, try to solve at least 5 previous year’s question papers. You will get confidence by solving past year’s exam papers.

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You’ll also be able to anticipate the types of questions that will be asked on the exam and plan accordingly. To verify your speed for the final Board Examination, try to finish solving inside the time limit specified on the question paper. Most students stay up late the night before their examinations to finish revising. It’s important to remember that sufficient sleep is what turns your short-term memory on.


So, sleep for 7-8 hours every night to ensure that your brain retains all of the information you learned during the day. If you’re having difficulties sleeping, try drinking a glass of hot milk before going to bed. Trying to explain the concepts of a topic to someone who doesn’t know it yet is a simple test that can tell you how much you’ve learned. It could be a sibling, parent, grandparent, or anyone else who is willing to calmly listen to you.


You’ll know you need another revision when you’re having problems explaining a concept in layman’s words. The night before the exam is really important for your exam, and your exam performance is largely dependent on it. Minutes before, too much cramming might send your mind into a spin. Ideally, you should only do a review for each topic in which you are unsure.

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