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How To Start Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

The farming of snails in Nigeria is among the most profitable agricultural business options for entrepreneurs in the early stages in Nigeria. Snail farming is an effective and profitable business idea that has yet to be fully investigated in Nigeria and across Africa.

Snail farming might not be the first thing that comes out of your head when you think of profitable business ideas to begin in Nigeria. Many programs are being run like Nysc to bridge the gap in cultural diversity among Nigerian youths. This article will help you understand the wealth of hidden treasure which can be made through the establishment of an enterprise of snail farming in Nigeria.

Snail farming Scope 

The market of snail farming in Nigeria as well as in Africa is vast, yet undervalued. Snails make up a large portion of the diet of many regions of Africa however they are not always accessible and affordable throughout the year. If you raise snails in large quantities hotels, hotels, or fast food establishments will be your frequent customers.

In Nigeria The prices for matured, raw snails range from N250 to N600, depending upon the amount. The annual demand for snails in Nigeria is approximately 7.5million kilograms per year. The snail trade is flourishing across Europe as well as North America. It is estimated that the United States imports more than $4 million worth of snails each year from across the globe including Nigeria.

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Since the beginning, snails that are handpicked from the bush or farm were the only method to bring snails to the market or table. The demand for snails is greater than the supply which indicates that the potential market for snails is untapped, both globally and locally. Beginning both large and small scale snail farming companies is the best method to fill the gap that exists between snails and the supply of them in Africa.

Start Snail Farming Business Step by Step

  1. Get Capital

Before you can start your snail farming venture You must first acquire capital. The capital you need could come from the savings you earn or loans made by relatives and friends. These are the funds which allow the business of snail farming to raise enough snails for them to market to potential customers. A small amount of capital is needed to begin a snail farm business within Nigeria.

  1. Purchase or lease farmland

It is necessary to purchase or lease farmland prior to snail farming. You can purchase land from landowners in the region of preference, or lease farmland for a certain amount duration from the landowners for the agreed upon price.


  1. Construct A Snailery

To rear your snails in a proper manner it is necessary to construct an appropriate snailery. A snailery is essentially an enclosed snail pen that is constructed from drums or tanks. It is crucial to build an enclosure for snails because they safeguard the snails. This means that the snails can’t escape or be prey to reptiles or insects.

  1. Create A Business Plan
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Business strategy is important for making a successful company. Prior to starting your snail farming venture in Nigeria it is essential to create a business plan. Business plans are a formal written document by a small business consultant that lists your business goals, the strategies to achieve these goals, the methods by which they can be accomplished, as well as the timeframe within which these goals must be fulfilled.

The business plan serves as a detailed description of the snail farming company’s future plans. The process of writing a business plan will ensure the smooth operation of your snail farming enterprise in Nigeria.


  1. Select and purchase Snails

It is the next thing to do selecting the type of snail that you are planning to raise in your farm. It is crucial to choose the right kind of snail. In Nigeria there are the following kinds of snails you can decide to raise on your farm. They include:


  • Pond snail
  • Apple snail
  • Sulawesi snail
  • Sebra Nerite snail
  • Tracked Nerite snail
  • Horned Nerite snail
  • Ghana or tigrland snail


If you are looking to select the best snail for your farm, the ideal choice is Ghana snail, also known as the tiger land snail. This snail type is sometimes referred to by the name of Achatina snail. Make sure to purchase large snails with hard shells, and that are sexually mature.

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Another option to purchase snails is to select snails from the woods or even the bush around your home. If you choose snails in the forest it will benefit your business of snail farming because the snails can easily adapt to snails, as opposed to the ones that are bred in farms that you are able to purchase.

You’ll be able to choose a wide variety of snails. If you are able to duplicate the process daily and you’ll have enough for starting your own company of snail farms.

But, you won’t find enough snails with this method of picking, therefore it is better to purchase snails from farms particularly if you’re setting up your own snail farming business on a larger scale.

  1. Feeding of Snails


It is essential to feed your snails that you are keeping to ensure that they develop and mature appropriately. Feeding snails can be as expensive as you believe. It is possible to feed your snails by feeding them fruits like:


  • Pawpaw
  • Cucumber
  • Guava
  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cassava
  • Maize chaff
  • Tomatoes
  • Cocoyam, etc.


Snails are able to eat these fruits and their leaves. Be sure to feed the snails at regular intervals and provide them with fresh water. Also, wash the snail’s food containers and water bottles frequently as you can. If snails are fed correctly and are kept in a clean area they will develop well and grow quickly, and without danger from pests or diseases.

  1. Harvesting your snails
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If the snails you’re breeding are mature and mature, it’s time to collect them to sell to potential clients. It is recommended that you do not take all snails, excluding a few to allow them to produce more snails. In this way, the number of snails in your farm that reproduce and that you can sell later, rises.

  1. Selling 

After you have harvested your snails, it’s time to sell your snails to consumers and earn a profit. All you need to do is promote your snails to potential customers like restaurants, bars as well as hotels, canteens and market ladies. It is advised to make contact with these clients early enough, so that once your snails have been collected you can sell the snails immediately.

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