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Instagram ads and why you need them

As the popularity of Instagram grows, it is not surprising that there are ways to boost business growth across the brand platform. About a third of Instagram most visited stories come from businesses, and 60% of them find new products on Instagram. 75% of Instagram users are tempted to take action after getting inspired by a post. The potential of the platform for Instagram followers to take action is enormous. That’s why you need to make sure you get the most out of it. Instagram ads help you do this.

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What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads can be in the form of articles or stories that appear in Instagram users’ posts. They are paid for by the business and differ from the usual articles and stories because of their “sponsorship” label. The Instagram Ads feature was launched in 2016 and allows businesses to reach users who are not already their Instagram followers.

Instagram ads can be of many types and may include a call to action such as “Learn more” or “Go shopping now” depending on the intended purpose. The cost of such ads depends on factors such as targeting, ad format, ad placement as well as time of year. Regardless of your budget, you will be able to gain more Instagram tastes, increase the number of Instagram followers you have, and achieve your business goals using Instagram ads.

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What kind of Instagram ads are there?

There are many ad formats on Instagram, so you can get more Instagram likes and real Instagram followers. Each of these types of ads serves a variety of purposes and can include active buttons for calls that help achieve a specific goal. Instagram Ad Types:

Story ads

These are full screen ads and are similar to the average story among Instagram users, giving users an unlimited experience. With over 500 million users checking stories daily, this gives you a huge potential to reach your target audience. This can be used to achieve the goals of reaching and converting, generating lead, traffic and more videos and building brand awareness. Call to action button Users of the “swipe up” feature usually need to “subscribe”, “learn more”, “sign up”, “get in demand” or “go shopping now”.

Carousel ads

Such ads allow your target users to swipe multiple pictures or videos in a single post before activating the activation button for your selected call. With this, you can highlight multiple products, share a multi-part story, or describe one specific product or service offer up to 10 photos or videos. The same video and image requirements apply to carousel ads you want to publish for your business.

Advertising ads

Advertising Ads give Instagram followers the opportunity to purchase a product directly from the ad. Such an ad offers an e-commerce feature for marketers, where users click on the ad and are automatically directed to an instant experience store on Instagram. Such ads help you to increase directory sales, traffic, and conversions, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more or make a purchase.

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Browse ads

Instagram search screen lets you discover new Instagram accounts and content. Browsing ads do not show up on title channels or directly on the search network. These ads are shown to visitors who click on a specific photo or video in the search tab.

Instagram Shopping Ads

Shopping posts can be used on Instagram in the form of Instagram shopping ads. With this, the shopping experience has been made easier for Instagram followers who can make a purchase by going directly to the product description page of the Instagram experience. This way, you can increase sales and conversions for your brand while providing a seamless shopping experience to your Instagram followers.

Why should you use Instagram ads?

Grow your audience

Instagram ads allow you to reach a larger audience than your Instagram followers. When you pay for an ad on Instagram, the platform ensures that your content is placed in front of several potential customers so they can respond to your action. With more and more people buying smartphones a day and creating accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Instagram ads can reach an audience you can’t reach through traditional marketing.


With the tools on the platform, you can use Instagram ads to target the right audience. You can target people by region, city or country; Demographic information such as gender, age and language; And even an audience similar to your current customers. You can target ads based on the behavior of people on and off Facebook and Instagram.

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You can provide ads based on people’s preferences, the accounts they follow, as well as known customers’ saved phone numbers and email IDs. The platform provides automated targeting to gain access to others who are interested in your brand and can target such people. Efficient and precise targeting will help expose the right groups to your message, which will allow for more conversions.

Intention and focus

Platforms like Instagram can easily get the attention of users today more than other marketing methods. We live in a digital world where almost everyone has access to a smartphone and can browse the web. Because there is so much information on the Internet, it can be overwhelming. Instagram stands out in this regard because it provides access to visual content that grabs users’ attention. Visually interesting post you will get valuable likes and dislikes on Instagram. This can translate into more Instagram followers.


Instagram ads give you a unique advantage over other types of advertising and marketing because it gives you access to a growing online audience. There are many types of ads that can be used on the platform, but you should choose a category based on your carefully selected business goals to get the desired results.



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