July 22


Kinds of beds that will make you feel royalty

The bed is a piece of furniture on which, ideally, you spend the most amount of time. It should be comfortable and definitely to your liking. The bed is where you should feel like you are resting and unload the burden of the day and get ready for a new one. The first part of the house you experience without even opening your eyes and the last thing you feel before you slip into a deep slumber. The bed is a part of your life that can affect your mood, quality of sleep, overall health, and even your comfort level in your own home. Don’t compromise on the kind of bed you can take and feel like royalty every day.

Here are some latest bed designs that are suitable for all kinds of houses.

  1. Four-poster bed – Nothing says classy like a four-poster bed. You can decorate the canopy with sheer material and give the bed a truly royal feel. This kind of bed is great for when the ceiling is high and you have a lot of space in the bedroom.
  2. King size bed – A king size bed can be a simple structure with a mattress on top or an opulent wooden bed with minute carvings. The only limit is your imagination.
  3. Storage beds – Given the advancements in technology and the selection of beds available in the market, there are many beds to choose from. Storage beds are great for when you want to use the space you have wisely. The storage frees up more space in the house for you to use.
  4. Futon – A futon is a sofa that can be unfolded into a bed. It turns into a low bed but it is great for when you have company over and need a bed in a pinch. The futon provides comfortable seating space for when you have company over and is a great substitute for a sofa in case the space in your house is limited.
  5. Sofa cum bed – A sofa cum bed looks more like a sofa than a futon. It is plush and more luxurious. It is a great addition to a guest room. It can be used to entertain guests throughout the day and be turned into a bed if guests are staying over.
  6. Bed with a foundation – If you want to invest in a good quality bed, then buy the one with a sturdy foundation and a thicker mattress. The support of the foundation with springs can really make a difference to the feel of the bed.
  7. Bunk beds – A favourite of siblings, a bunk bed is great for providing privacy to 2 children in the same room. The units available in the market come with innovative storage solutions that can help use the space well. Bunk beds are also great when there is a study unit and a bed on top of that.
  8. Floating beds – These are attached to the walls and there are no legs. These beds look great and are reliable as they are attached to the wall. They blend into any kind of furniture well and can be decorated with fancy upholstery.
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These beds can make a big difference in the interior and give your start of the day a positive boost.


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