March 24


Lindner Recyclintech: recycling for the 21st century.

Recycling is some that has gotten more and more traction over the last few decades. People have started to understand that resources are limited and we must administrate our planet in a proper way.

If recycling is so important, why countries are no making more for that? And the answer is simple, recycling is not always easy. Processing materials is something that need proper machinery and not too many people know about the existence of world class equipment specially designed for this type of applications.


Enter Lindner Recyclintech

Lindner is a company that specializes in machinery for material processing and recycling. They have been in the market for a long time and have made a name for themselves in the industry. They are considered experts in shredding technologies and RDF/SRF processing.

Their machinery is designed to process a wide array of waste material. Waste, plastic, paper… all of this are no match for the powerful Lindner machinery. But they can also process other kinds of materials and are well suited for special applications thanks to the powerful features available in their catalog.

That’s why one of their highlights as a company is to be able to provide different types of machines, for different applications and configurations. Lindner Machinery is suitable for almost every scenario.

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Industrial Shredders.

When it comes to the product offering, Lindner Recyclintech really shines. Their line of products is so versatile that offer different types of products for all kinds of applications in the market. They offer industrial shredders with capabilities to process most types of industrial materials. They also have primary and secondary shredders that are available in different configuration to suit any need in the field.

Lindner also offer equipment customization so they can create the perfect equipment combination to meet every demand on the market worldwide. Whatever your application might be, Lindner has an option for you.

Lindner Machinery is used worldwide, their shredders can be found in a great number of applications form material processing to raw shredding. The many different configurations available make this possible. If on top of all of that you add the customization factor, there is no shredding task Lindner could not take on.

If you need a more detailed application not covered by the regular offering of Lindner, their R&D department is available to make additional solutions for any specific application. In the case of new applications, Lindner engineers are ready to provide specific customizations to match new and demanding tasks.


Spare Parts.

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One of the main things that concerns machinery owners is maintenance and spare parts. When it comes to maintenance, Lindner machinery is designer to be strong and resistant, reducing the need of deep maintenance and lowering dead times because due to failures.

If you need spare parts for your machine, these are easy to find and fit for your machine. Lindner Recycling Machine parts are available at accessible costs, made with top notch quality that will ensure that your machine won’t stop working even on the most demanding conditions.


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