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Nairobi’s Best Tourist Attractions – Top Hidden Treasure!

Nairobi is one of Africa’s most intriguing cities, with a variety of interesting locations to explore whether you’re a guest or a resident. Our family has been thinking about going on an African safari for years. I’ve looked up information on how to organize a safari holiday on websites, guidebooks, and wherever else I could find it.

The capital of Kenya offers many great times to its visitors and residents. Apart from the beautiful views of the city, there are lots of exciting things to do and fun places to see. The new year is almost upon us and many are already looking for fun places to hang out with friends and families. With that in mind, we searched the city to find places that offer plenty of fun. 

Being some of the best places to visit in Kenya, with many national parks, urban and rural towns, azure water bodies, geographical wonders, and pristine beaches, this East African country is not only a popular tourist destination among adventure lovers It has emerged as a destination but also amongst families and honeymooners. In short, it is a perfect destination for travelers. So, are you also looking to go there? Then, why wait? Book turkish airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight. It’s time to discover the different shades of Nairobi culture.


Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and biggest city. The city is a must-visit to catch a glimpse of Kenya’s historical heritage, peek into its vibrant culture, its vivid wildlife, and its stunning contemporary art.

Uhuru Park 

Nairobi has some of the best gardens and parks in Africa and Uhuru Park is one of them. Uhuru Park is the most beautiful and popular inner-city park in Nairobi and it offers a wide range of fun and exciting activities like a boat ride on the lake, camel ride, picnic with friends and family. Uhuru Gardens’ main feature is a 24-meter-high monument honoring Kenya’s battle for independence. 

Karura Forest 

Karura Forest is an urban forest with over 50 km of trails for children to run and bike. It’s a beautiful country with lots of natural plants, pathways, and waterfalls. The River Cafe, which has a small playground and is a nice spot for lunch or a beverage, is located on the property. There is an obstacle course for youngsters, as well as a market on weekends. The forest is home to a variety of creatures, including deer, monkeys, honey badgers, and a variety of birds, and it’s a fantastic spot to observe the wildlife while letting the kids run around.

The Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Center was started in 1979 to help rehabilitate the endangered Rothschild giraffe. The breeding effort began when Jock and Betty Melville brought two giraffes to their garden. Many wild giraffes now live at the Giraffe Center. You’ll be able to feed, touch, and engage with giraffes of all ages, as well as learn about them, thanks to their incredible tameness.

Mamba Village 

Nairobi Mamba Village is a crocodile refuge 12 kilometres south of Nairobi. The farm also has an ostrich and is a popular tourist attraction. The ideal time to go is when the crocodiles are being fed. You’ll be amazed at how high big alligators can leap to capture tossed meat while remaining undetected by other giant crocodiles.

Bomas of Kenya 

Kenya has an abundance of hidden culture and history.  Bomas of Kenya, a tiny museum showcasing Kenya’s culture and history, allowing visitors to relive and experience the country’s rich culture. You will find a range of lifestyles, music, crafts and dance styles typical of this place, at The Bomas, Kenya. Bomas in Kenya is probably the best way to get a good sense of the authentic Kenyan culture. 

Paradise Lost 

Paradise Lost is a lovely sanctuary nestled in the heart of a coffee plantation near Kiambu Town, about 10 kilometers from Nairobi. It’s one of the few destinations near Nairobi that has a wide range of attractions and activities for the entire family. Paradise is a maze of caves and has stunning waterfalls. If you keep a watchful eye, you will see a lot of beautiful birds, ostriches and indulge yourself in many recreational activities like horse riding, boating, camping, and many more.

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Ngong Hills 

The word Nong is derived from a Maasai phrase – “Nkong’u Immuno” which refers to the rhinoceros springs that come from the spring which is located near Nong Town. Paradise Lost is a lovely sanctuary nestled in the heart of a coffee plantation near Kiambu Town, about 10 kilometers from Nairobi. It’s one of the few destinations near Nairobi that has a wide range of attractions and activities for the entire family.  It is a major weekend destination for visitors from across the country. 

Galleria Shopping Mall

Galleria Shopping Mall is one of the most impressive retail destinations in Nairobi, offering leisure, entertainment, and shopping experience. The mall offers unique activities and facilities such as deluxe department stores, amazing restaurants, fashion stores, and entertainment play areas for kids. 

Finix Casino 

Phoenix Casino is a house of fun, a place where you can act like a high roller without rolling high. If you want to relax and have lots of gaming action and fun, Phoenix Casino is the place to be. The casino offers players a wide selection of slot machines including lots of games and electronic roulette tables. 

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 

Established in 1977, this wildlife conservation charity is one of the most popular ones. Managing an orphanage that cares for rhinos and elephants, this trust is known to help Kenya Wildlife Services with funds. 

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Panari Sky Centre 

Panari Sky Center is a fun place to visit, a great shopping center and hotel that has the only skating rink in Nairobi. The center has several stores and entertainment facilities. It is really a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family. 


Mombasa, located on the southeast coast of the country, is Kenya’s largest port city. Being a cosmopolitan city, Mombasa is considered a tourist magnet that attracts all kinds of travelers because of its eclectic culture. It is one of the most famous places in Kenya that boasts of a mix of different cultures, traditions, art, architecture, and cuisines, such as British, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and Asian. 


Nairobi has a lot to offer its visitors and locals alike, allowing you to experience the charm of this bustling city. If you are visiting with your kids, the comprehensive list above is enough to get the youngsters excited for the duration of your stay. So go ahead and start planning your trip to the Kenyan capital with AirlinesMap and have a great holiday in the city of cool water.


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