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Neasden Locksmiths NW2 and NW10

For your locksmith problems: blocked door, a damaged lock, broken key,… Neasden Locksmiths NW2 offers you its know-how and experience to help you out. We offer a service for all locksmith work, repairs and emergency repairs.

We also intervene for repairs after a break-in to secure your home as quickly as possible. A dynamic and experienced team guarantees a prestigious service and work that meets your requirements.

Broken or damaged lock?

Are you looking for an emergency locksmith NW2 to repair your lock? Our company has experienced locksmiths in Neasden NW10 at your disposal. Get an appropriate and personalized solution for all your locksmith problems. We repair armoured doors, locks, worn mechanisms and replace barrels. Our craftsman is also able to replace the cylinder of your lock.

Do you have parts to replace and need to be ordered? Don’t worry, and we will put in place a temporary solution to guarantee your security while waiting for the order. We make sure that this is available as soon as possible.

Do you want to make your home more secure?

Strengthen the security of your home, opt for a damaged lock repair by our locksmith. We repair all types of locks. The level of protection is adapted to your needs and your budget.


For a secure home, we install armoured or multipoint doors according to your wishes. Our local locksmith service in NW10 also includes the installation of your metal grills.

To ensure the longevity and solidity of your lock, regular maintenance is necessary. Our team is at your disposal to check the condition of your locks and replace any defective parts if necessary.

An intervention following the rules of the trade

To guarantee your safety, the work of a locksmith near me in NW10 must be carried out according to the standards. Opt for our services. We provide you with qualified emergency locksmiths who are rigorous in their work.

Our professionals check each step of the repair to ensure quality locksmith work. The analysis of the lock carried out by our professionals allows us to determine the malfunctions. The solutions for your locksmith problems are then taken according to this diagnosis: replacement of defective parts, repair of faults, etc.

Our experience and the comprehensive equipment we have at our disposal enable us to carry out the highest quality work. Each intervention also takes into account your technical and aesthetic requirements.

A blocked door or a broken key?

Are you having trouble getting into your home or office because of a blocked door or a broken or stuck key? Use the services of our  nearest locksmith in Neasden for a fast and emergency locksmith service. We have a team close to you and ready to intervene at any time.

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The complete materials and equipment at their disposal facilitate and guarantee the success of each intervention. Often, a blocked lock is caused by pins that go up, blocking the rotor. To solve this problem, our locksmiths have different keys available to turn the rotor.

A quick solution for your lost keys

Have you lost your key? Don’t panic; our locksmiths will help you open the door. Trust our know-how, and our professionals will provide you with a suitable solution to open your door. Our team has a large stock of keys to open your locked or keyless doors more easily. After being opened, your door needs a key to guarantee its security. Count on the professionalism of our locksmiths in Grasse to make a duplicate key.

Need a quick intervention?

To help you out when your door is blocked, call our locksmith for an emergency locksmith service. A team is mobilized for a fast and efficient intervention in Neasden and its surroundings. Our locksmith specialists can arrive at your home in less than an hour. Thanks to the complete equipment and experience of our professional locksmiths, the result is guaranteed.

Change of lock

To ensure optimal protection of your belongings and the occupants of your house, your lock must be in perfect condition. If this is the case, you should consider replacing them as a matter of urgency.

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Are you looking for a professional to change your lock in Neasden? Trust our local locksmiths, and they ensure meticulous work for a guaranteed result. Our locksmiths have the necessary skills in locksmithing to guarantee a successful removal and installation of your new lock.

A successful change of your lock

For your utmost satisfaction: we guarantee a reliable and guaranteed lock installation.

A well-functioning lock must be correctly installed. Our locksmith adapts the installation technique according to the chosen model. Please rely on the rigour of our professionals for a successful dismantling of the mechanism: strike plate, faceplate and cover plate. For a lock that is perfectly integrated into the reception area, checks are carried out. It is adjusted to the shape and size of the lock.

Locks adapted to your door

For guaranteed solidity, the locks must correspond perfectly to your openings. Please take advantage of the advice of our professionals to make the right choice when replacing a lock. Several criteria are taken into accounts, such as the level of security and the type of door on which it will be installed.

Depending on the level of security required, we install multipoint locks with door armouring. We also install A2P-rated locks.

Enhanced security

Stay safe from burglaries, and we also reinforce the locking system for more robust doors. Depending on your wishes, we install suitable locks: with keys, cards or codes.

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For optimal protection of your home, we replace your locking system with a card lock. It is practical, allows quick access and offers a high level of security. Our specialists have the necessary skills to install the system’s magnetic or electronic sensors. Replacement is easier in the event of a loss.

When changing a lock, opt for a code lock for optimum security in your home. The door is locked automatically or utilizing a button. To ensure that the system works properly, let us replace the code lock. The success of the lock installation is fully guaranteed.

Our dispatch point: Links Road, NW2 7LE and Neasden Ln N, Neasden, London NW10 0BT


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