The phenomenal success of OnlyFans indicates the lucrativeness of content subscription. Indeed it is a bright business opportunity for entrepreneurs. They would get revenue consistently through monthly/ yearly plans paid by users. “Exclusiveness” of photos and videos posted by the leading artists, celebrities, and models is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of the London-based OnlyFans. Amidst the digital era, futuristic business visionaries can come out with an OnlyFans clone now and get a competitive edge in the market.

What are some compelling stats about OnlyFans?

  • The British startup is predicted to pocket a gross merchandise value of $5.9 billion in 2021. It generates huge sales via its online store. Around 120 million paid subscribers can purchase bags, caps, jackets, hats, swimwear, and T-shirts.
  • OnlyFans is expected to mint revenue of $1.2 billion in 2021. The various streams of income are 50% (paid subscriptions), 30% (private messaging with popular content creators and influencers), and 20% (tips paid by users to models and performers).
  • OnlyFans platform would have a cash flow of $620 million by the end of 2020. The Britain-headquartered startup has enabled artists to sustain themselves financially. Around 16000 content creators earn $50,000 each every year.
  • The rapid growth of the London-located platform is due to its strong focus on the creator economy. On average, 7 million fans pay to watch the premium content posted by artists, brands, fitness instructors, sportspersons, and TV stars.
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How can entrepreneurs enter mainstream media by owning an OnlyFans clone platform?

On the cusp of turning 5 years since its launch in September 2016, OnlyFans has a solid user base of 130 million. Hence, it has become a hub for different kinds of content like behind-the-scenes content, bodybuilding, celebrity updates, cooking, dance, makeup tricks, personal style tips, photography, rap music etc.

Therefore, techpreneurs can use positive trends like enhanced Internet connectivity and increasing smartphone usage to their advantage. Likewise, they can attract talented artists from across the world by offering rewarding compensation plans. Currently, OnlyFans takes 20% as commission from content creators and credits the remaining 80% of earnings to their bank accounts and digital wallets.

Accordingly, entrepreneurs can witness a surge in daily and monthly active users. They can enable a personal interaction between artists and their followers. For instance, OnlyFans has its own streaming platform called OFTV. Generally, it focuses on 4 genres (Cooking, Comedy, Fitness, Music, and Yoga).

This has led OnlyFans to onboard more than 2 million content creators from various parts of the world. Besides that, the special aspect is its massive reach across age groups and different professions.

Above all, the earning potential is high for techpreneurs when they operate a game-changing OnlyFans clone platform. The British content subscription service is predicted to earn a net revenue of $2.5 billion in 2022. Moreover, it has paid out $5 billion to around 20,00,000 artists in the last 5 years.

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Why is an OnlyFans clone apt for efficient distribution of content?

Artists, celebrities, fitness trainers, and musicians can use the “Scheduling” feature on an OnlyFans like platform. They can decide the date and time of posting their unique snaps and videos. Further, content creators can choose 2 options (Customize the Date later for a new release or Save the Post for Later).

Accordingly, techpreneurs can strategically enlist the eye-catching content at the top to engage better with users. They will witness a huge increase in traffic from subscribed members who would watch the footage and photos of renowned influencers.

Automatic posting based on date (irrespective of the location of the target audience) helps in saving a lot of time. Hence, entrepreneurs can enhance user satisfaction by offering a real-time content feed.

Millions of fans can access the photos and videos on their devices in sync with the time of the artist’s post. Content creators can edit their captions, hashtags, and photos anytime.

Techpreneurs can allow celebrities and performing artists to use the “Queue” option for the consistent release of their content. The “Schedule’ mechanism on the OnlyFans clone platform ensures more flexibility as artists and stars can schedule either a single or multiple posts according to their wishes.

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Analyzing subscription bundles on an OnlyFans Like Platform

Every form of content like a photo or a video is hidden behind a paywall on an OnlyFans clone platform. Generally, celebrities can use this option and offer various packages for their fans and followers. Accordingly, fans can purchase numerous bundles in the form of packages (3 months, 6 months, and 12 months) at a specific price. Further, they would get a certain discount percentage between 15 to 25%.

Entrepreneurs can provide these lucrative subscription bundles to artists, celebrities, models, and other performers. Therefore, content creators can captivate their die-hard fans and followers as the bundle packages cost less than the monthly subscription plan. Hence, members of an OnlyFans clone will get priority access to archived content and premium posts.

What is the cost of developing an OnlyFans Clone Script?

The total budget of establishing an OnlyFans clone platform is split into several stages. The various phases are

  • Analyzing the business plans of entrepreneurs and their operational strategy for encouraging artists to post content.
  • Complying with various laws like the CCPA, GDPR, and the DMCA.
  • Studying the existing market conditions and the functioning of content subscription platforms across the world.
  • Creating a friendly user interface (UI) suitable for all kinds of age groups and different professions.
  • Developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the OnlyFans clone. It contains the basic features and is tested in controlled conditions.
  • Integrating all the important functionalities into the subscription-based social media platform.
  • Testing the performance, privacy, and security of the OnlyFans clone script.
  • Launching the content subscription service platform like OnlyFans at the right time in the market.
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Wrapping Up

Above all, OnlyFans has witnessed huge traffic in the last 5 years from millions of users. It has become a tech giant now and has enabled several artists to become millionaires. Importantly, the British-based subscription platform is diversifying into different forms of content now.

The focus of OnlyFans in the future will be on protecting the photos and videos of artists from copyright infringements, duplication, and morphing. It would give more attention to privacy and safety measures alongside offering eye-catching content for several subscribers.

Hence, entrepreneurs can take the lead in the booming digital world. They can procure an outstanding platform like OnlyFans from a professional app development company now. Techpreneurs can fascinate skilled artists and interested users, and pocket unimagined revenue soon.

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