January 13


Perusing the Online World with Confidence

The online world is one that offers you a tremendous amount in the way of opportunities. Through the internet, you can connect with people who live in completely different places or begin to arrange ways that you can travel to these places yourself. You could also find your dream job or home. Even then, that doesn’t mean that everything it has to offer is so positive.

Indeed, there are threats online and dangers that you should be aware of. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to explore the internet with confidence, though, and your path back to being able to do so might lie in making yourself aware of the specifics. These specifics might pertain to both the threats that you face, and the solutions that you have available.

In Business

There are different ways that you might be concerned about your safety or privacy online, perhaps depending on what your current situation is in that moment. For example, what you’re cautious of as an individual might be completely different to what you look out for when you’re operating online as a business. You might find yourself more exposed, and the sheer amount of information that you’re exchanging and working with could be intercepted at any point.

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If this is something that you’re afraid of, it might be important for you to start examining potential solutions. You might be interested in the benefits of a cloud access security broker, which can defend your files and confidential information as you work with what cloud technology has to offer. If this sounds interesting to you, Proofpoint can help you to learn more at https://www.proofpoint.com/uk/threat-reference/casb.

As an Individual

When using the internet as a business, your primary motivations likely lie in the realm of functioning as a professional. However, when the time comes to relax and unwind with some online usage as a private citizen, your priority may well be leisure. In this case, the kind of threats that you might find yourself facing will be very different in nature and context. If you’re someone who regularly uses social media, you might find yourself contacted by strange accounts that you have had no prior contact with. Many of these will be attempted scams, such as phishing attempts, and it’s best to ignore them, but that’s an example of the kind of thing you might be unaware of without the proper knowledge.

Good Cyber Security

In business or as an individual, what you might find enables you to relax when navigating the online world is simply having competent cyber security systems behind you that you can rely on to help you through any difficult situations. In order to find the right one for you, some research might be required in order to glean what people genuinely perceive to be the best choice for someone in your situation. There might also be differences of opinion based on whether or not you’re trying to protect something like a laptop or something more mobile, like your phone or a tablet device.

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