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How to recover permanently deleted Instagram account

Do you ever accidentally delete your Instagram account? But then you instantly regret, well you don’t have to worry as we have got you. Most of the time deleting Instagram can be weird and you can’t get it back straight away as you may lose it forever. But fortunately, we have got your back here. There are various phases you must follow if you want to do it and this way you may recover it even after deleting it.  There are about two broad methods with which you can do it. Here in this article, we will highlight both of them and these will help you out. So, for getting help related to your deleted account you should give a good read to this article, and you will find your answers about how you can recover your deleted Instagram account.


The very first method would be the verification method

For this method to work you have to follow a couple of verification steps and here you would follow them up.

  • First, you should go to the login page on Instagram.
  • Now you have to enter the required details, let’s say username, and then sign in options that are normally required.
  • Now when you select the option here you have two choices and then you would select something as trouble logging.
  • After selecting that you must select the need more help option.
  • Now you must put your email address that is associated with your Instagram account in the field that is required. And now if you don’t have the email you may enter any other email address.
  • Once you select that, now you have to select the account type that you want to regain. Here you have multiple options like the brand account or maybe your account or even the company account sometimes. Here you would select the type of account you are trying to recover.
  • Once you do all of that, you would select something as an option called “account was hacked” after selecting that it will give you an option where you can put extra details as per requirement. If you want you may skip these extra details.
  • Now you can click on the request and support button if you want.

After following the instructions up to this point you will get an email address in some hours when you get on the email id.

Now the email that you have got on your account will ask if you want to verify your account information. And then you would write all the necessary information, say full name, the account user name, after that it may ask you to upload a profile picture this picture might get uploaded on your Instagram account. 

So when you upload all of your verification details, not just this but pictures also. Here you will do some extra efforts where you will scan a paper by writing a written reply to Instagram through email.

Now when you fill in your required details you would also have to include some pictures as well that might have been uploaded to your account in the past. This way you may get back your account within 24 hours. and Instagram will also let you know by email. You will certainly get an email. In some cases, this may take about 3 to say 4 working days. And you will get back an account using the procedure that you like.

Now here for many of the reasons, if you can’t complete this procedure for letting us say many reasons there is another procedure you might follow. But this method is not very efficient and there are great chances that you might not get back your account.

The second method would be contacting support

For this go to the official help page of Instagram by the website. And after that, you would click on the contact options. Once you do this you would request the support system for restoring the account.

When you do this, Instagram is going to contact you within the time frame of about 24 hours. and this way it will ask you if you want to take a photo. You will take the photo and send them back to it. Now if the picture that you uploaded matches the photograph that you have already uploaded on your account. You can get back your account in a maximum of 24 hours.

In many cases, Instagram will ask you for various pieces of information like little details and all of that. This may happen because you have entered other emails that are not listed on your account. To avoid this mess, you should use the same email that is already listed on your Instagram account. 

Mostly this process takes about 24 hours in general. But if you are contacting the support system during weekends, or if it’s a kind of season where Instagram has suspended so many accounts in bulk. This may take about three to four working days. So, you must keep patience. As patience is the key. 

Well, now if you have deleted your account let’s say accidentally or even in senses. But you have realized your mistake and now you want to recover it right? There are several ways through which you can do it. Or maybe you can go for one to two methods that I have explained above.

Getting help from some of these methods, you would get your account back in about three to let us say four working days. But these methods work if you have any personal photo in your profile even before you delete it. But only after that, your site will be able to confirm if you are the right person that is recovering this account.


In this article, we have clearly explained to you two methods that you must follow to get your account back. But you have to follow all the precautions correctly as you may fall in the loop of getting access to somebody else’s account and this way Instagram can take action against you.

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