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The Complete Guide To Analyse The School Bus Management Software

Now, you would have understood why I keep stressing about the school bus fleet. School buses constitute a large part of the transportation networks. While traveling on the road, we can never miss watching a school bus. Each school bus will carry a bunch of children to either drop them off at their homes or schools. 

The prime responsibility of school authorities is to maintain their school transports. School transport plays a major role, and it should not hinder the students’ academics. Frequent breakdowns, poor maintenance of buses, delay in pick-ups and drop-offs will create a chaotic environment. And as school authorities, they are also answerable to the parents. 

What are the best ways to maintain the school bus fleet? Appointing proper drivers and fleet managers will solve these challenges to some extent. However, this is not the complete solution. You need proper technical assistance to manage your fleet. In this blog, I have discussed School bus management software and its extensive features so that you can have a better understanding of the concept. 

What are the best practices of a school bus fleet management software?

The school bus fleet management software is a tool that can monitor the activities and operations of school transports. Installing this software will help the school management and parents to have a complete track of the transportation activities. Here are some of the aspects that are covered by this software.

  • Inspecting the buses

Bus inspection is a part of school bus maintenance. While inspecting, the repairs and major drawbacks of the buses will be identified for the schools to repair on them. Having a frequent inspection will help you reduce breakdowns, less downtime, and delays in dropping the students. The driver app of the software will allow drivers to conduct their inspections through mobile devices. 

The AI-driven software will help the drivers inspect the damages and repairs in the buses. They will also predict the repairs and suggest them to the drivers to rectify them immediately. 

  • Real-time tracking of buses 

When school children travel in school buses, parents and school authorities are the most concerned people. They will always have a panic about the safety and whereabouts of their children. Through this school bus tracking, the parents and school authorities can track the location of the buses in real-time. GPS tracking will also enable the parents and schools to access the locations through the fleet dashboard. 

  • Controls the fuel usage

High-end fuel prices are another important factor to consider in fleet management. You cannot minimize the fuel price, but you can minimize the usage by adopting certain practices. Maintaining paper receipts for knowing the fuel usage is quite old-fashioned. Through the fleet management software, the drivers can log in and give their fuel entries. 

The fleet manager and school authorities can monitor the fuel usage and cost. Through this, the drivers will also be able to minimize the usage whenever possible. 

  • Route optimization 

The school bus fleet management software will assist the drivers by pointing out and suggesting the best routes. The AI-driven technology will predict the accident-prone zones and road conditions and suggest alternative routes for drivers. If any school children are on leave, the software will display an alternative route for the drivers to take up. This will save time, and drivers can take their students on time to their schools and homes. 

  • Encourages safe and secure travel 

The school bus fleet management software is the best way to monitor the activities of the drivers. The parents and school authorities can track the performance and behavior of the drivers through this. The software will have a dashboard where his driving score and metrics will be recorded. It will also record the driving speed, breakdowns, idle time, and attitude. Venturing into the transportation services business? 

Benefits of adopting a school bus fleet management software 

Following are the benefits of adopting a school management software, 

Increases the student safety

The major purpose of installing a school bus management software is to ensure the safety of the children. When parents send their children to school through school buses, their biggest concern is their safety. Even school management has this panic over the security of their student children. 

The GPS tracking of fleet management will help the parents and schools to know about their children. They can also track the location of the buses in real-time. This sigh of relief is what this software offers them. 

Improves the budgets 

Running a school is not an easy task, and it also involves a lot of expenses. As school management, they lookout for ideas to minimize the expenses wherever possible. Installing a school bus fleet management software will help the schools to maintain the transport networks swiftly. By periodically inspecting the buses, they can minimize the cost they spend in huge amounts for their maintenance. 

Better driver safety 

When it comes to school transports and students’ safety, driver’s safety will also be accounted for. By adopting a school bus fleet management software, the driver’s accountability is measured. The driving speed, breakdowns, and attitude will be recorded in the app. The school authorities and parents can track the behavior of the drivers through this. 

An efficient way of handling records 

Gone are the ages when we used to maintain the records in papers. However, with the advent of digitization, you can record them digitally. The software will automatically record the driver’s performance, bus mileage, fuel cost, and consumption. So, whenever there is an internal meeting in the school, the fleet managers and drivers can print this report and submit it to the authorities. 

Wrapping up,

School buses constitute a major network of transportation. It is the most preferred mode of transportation for sending children to schools. So, it is of utmost importance for school authorities to ensure safe travel for the children. This is what will impress parents also to send their children through school buses. Adopting sound School bus fleet management software is the only solution for all the challenges.

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