August 27


Stay Safe While Gardening in Your Home

Gardening is a safe hobby to enjoy. Homeowners love creating green outside spaces for an inviting look. Gardens need to be maintained and looked after well. There is a lot of hard work involved. You should have ample time to work on your garden. If you try to do many things quickly, you will land up injuring yourself.

How can you keep muscle pulls at bay?

Gardening is fun. It is exciting, like home décor. However, to stay safe while gardening, keep the following tips in mind-

  1. Buy a good pair of gardening gloves- Gardening gloves are a necessity. They protect your hand from thorns, blisters, fertilizers and sharp gardening tools. Wear them when you are taking out weeds from the grass as well.


  1. Stretch and warm up- gardening might injure a muscle here or there. Stretch and warm your body up before you start. You need to bend your body often and pick up heavy things. When your body is warmed up, the chances of injuries are less.


  1. Take breaks from repeated movements- Repetitive movements like digging and raking put a strain on your body. Take a break from these movements from time to time.

Do the same when you are moving garden furniture. Take them to one side, clean them nicely and place garden furniture covers to protect them from the weather elements like rain, harsh sunlight and snow.

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You will find several attractive covers in colors to match your home decor online. Do not do all the tasks at once. You will harm your body if you do.

  1. Know your equipment and machinery- Never use machinery or equipment for the first time without assistance, especially for the first time. For example, if you have bought an electrical lawn mower, know how to operate it first.

If you do not have anyone around to show you, check out video tutorials online. They will give you a correct idea of its usage safely. Apply the above for each and every piece of equipment you buy.


  1. Safety goggles- Wear safety goggles while trimming bushes at the back of your garden or taking off extra branches from a tree. A stray branch or twig might get inside your eye and cause serious consequences. Safety goggles do not hinder your vision. You can carry out all gardening tasks without problems.


  1. Never lift more than you can manage- Lifting objects is a regular task during gardening. Sometimes things are heavy, and you risk injuries picking up objects heavier than you can take. Know how much weight you can lift safely without injuring yourself. The same holds true for gardening equipment and tools.
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Last but not least, be mindful of the climate. Never do gardening in bad weather. The paths will be wet, and you might slip and fall. Keep track of weather forecasts. If you need to do some work in the garden on a summer’s day, wear sunscreen and goggles for protection.

Keep a cap on and keep yourself well-hydrated. Wear comfortable footwear as you will be standing or on your feet most of the time while gardening.


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