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The Best Leagues in Path of Exile

If you’re starting out with Leagues in PoE, here’s the best choices for you. path of exile leagues is d3 seasons?

There’s little to dispute that Path of Exile is one of the best ARPG titles on the market today. One of the main reasons as to why it’s popular doesn’t lie with it unique take on the PoE currency system, or even the fact that its free to play. A lot of it boils down to the use of leagues, that come with regular updates and offer an alternative form of gameplay experience. Here we will be discussing what the very best leagues are in Path of Exile explained 2015 and 2017 reward.


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List of path of exile leagues guide is following


The 3.0 patch that came out for PoE saw previous leagues being bundled together into a single entity. The last league to be released prior to this patch being introduced was Legacy. path of exile leagues atlas of worlds.

What made this league special was League stones. These would bring in particular league mechanics that would appear in the following zone before you. You could use three at a time which as you can imagine made things pretty exciting.

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Meta morph

The great thing about Meta morph was that it strayed away from the typical league format of clearing at speed. This time, we are focusing on boss fights, which is something that is bound to attract those who enjoy a good ARPG.


The Breach league is what many would consider being the blueprint for a Path of Exile league. It’s simple, fun to play and should be something that the developers look back on closely when introducing new leagues.


This league saw the introduction of new Ephemeral enemies that would haul spirited foes your way to do battle with. This would drop pieces of PoE currency upon their demise, though nobody was exactly holding out for an Exalted Orb or anything.


Earlier, we discussed the impact of Breach, and how many leagues should take what makes it special and apply it to their own. The formula of opening up a portal and destroying the monsters that pass through for valuable loot was seemingly the pinnacle of leagues. However, Delve, which is praised by many players as the very best league that Path of Exile and Grinding Gear Games has to offer, didn’t exactly follow this trend.

Instead, Delve focused on bringing in a dungeon that was procedurally-generated for you to explore. As you progressed through the dungeon, you would see the difficulty continue to rise. That said, with risk came reward. You would be able to get your hands on precious loot and items that would certainly raise eyebrows on PoE Trade. New crafting items being brought in also carried the Delve league to the dizzying heights of popularity that you see it at today.

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