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The Ideal Features of the Best PDF Reader

 The Ideal Features of the Best PDF Reader

The best PDF readers have much more to offer than simple viewing and opening PDF files. A PDF reader online should offer things like proper viewing tools like a zoom feature, highlighting, adding annotations, and other comments. Having these tools does not make the PDF viewer a dedicated PDF editing tool, since those programs offer much more than the typical PDF reader. But even though these PDF openers have limited capacities, it does not mean that they should not offer at least some kind of advantage over other PDF file readers.


What Are the Ideal Features of the Best PDF Reader?


The best PDF viewer should not only let you view and read an important PDF file but it should also make doing that simple task easier and more convenient. PDF files can often run in length into hundreds of pages with long lines of text on each page depending on the size and scope of the document.


It would be inconvenient and tiring to have to read through every single line and page without some help, like OCR technology or a keyword-searchable feature to make your search more concise and pointed. These are some features of any Google PDF viewer that could help digest and understand the document much more straightforwardly.

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Magnification And Reading Options


PDF file readers are often the only way that some users can see and interact with a PDF document, especially if they do not have a separate Google PDF reader or some other best PDF viewer for Android. Since they offer the only way to see a PDF document, some PDF viewers have enhanced viewing and reading options that make reviewing the information much more comfortable.


Some of these enhanced viewing options include a zoom function that increases or decreases the overall size of the text and the view of the entire page. While other features allow you to search the document for a specific keyword or leave comments on the page along with other annotations to share with other viewers of the document.


Advanced Search Options


As some PDFs contain large amounts of not just text, but data sets, informational graphs, and charts, it is often necessary to have a way to be able to search the document with a search option and not read through the entire document. The fact that the entire document is digital means that it should be easy to implement a system where the text is easily searchable.


OCR technology (optical character recognition) is what lets users search an entire PDF document if it has been scanned or uploaded into the appropriate PDF viewer. A program like Lumin PDF editor makes use of OCR technology as one of its more advanced features. Users can upload a PDF file into the browser and input the intended search terms to find them within the text with the Lumin PDF OCR feature.

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