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Tips to Protect the Boiler in Winter Season

Most homeowners don’t pay any heed to the central heating system as long as it works completely find. But it can develop underlying problem leading to an expensive repair over the course of time. With the turning of the weather central heating system becomes an absolute necessary.

Therefore, it is your onus to ensure regardless of the weather condition your boiler unit is perfectly fine to function in any extremity. Only proper protection, serving and maintenance can assist you to achieve that.

Here, apprehending that time, we have summed up some easy to follow tips for boiler maintenance and protection in the long run. Read on to know them.   

Call for boiler service

Annual service is inevitable for the boiler system performed especially by gas Safe registered heating engineer. Inspect when the home boiler system was serviced for the very last time and book for servicing again before winter wraps the city with snow and chilling North Winds.

In case there is nothing wrong with the boiler system yet it is imperative to service it once in a year to ensure its longevity without any issue. Servicing gives the engineer an opportunity to identify any minor problem in its emerging state to resolve it on the spot to have peace of mind during the full winter months.

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Inspect boiler pressure daily

One of the clear indicators you can find that there is seriously something wrong with the boiler is by checking its pressure. It badly interferes with the working ability of the unit which later affects the whole central heating system of the home. Boiler pressure can be read out from the pressure gauge located on its front.

You must keep an eye on it to look for any slight changes (low or high) which can affect its function. If the pressure edges within low and high section in gauge then it has to be rectified after proper diagnosis of the problem. Incorrect pressure creates catastrophic effect if it is left unaddressed for long even after noticing it.

Observe for minor leaks

Leakage is telltale indication of problem regarding your boiler unit which directly affects the connected pipes. Fortunately, in the initial stage this issue remains minor and you have adequate time to address it and take the necessary action before it becomes major.

Before winter knocks at your door, inspect the area well to look for minor leaks in the entire piping system. If there is any, call out a reliable local heating engineer right away to resolve the issue before it turns out be monstrous. Your engineer can deal with the unit repairing it perfectly at reasonable cost.

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Check out the condensate pipe problem

Condensation of the piping system is quite common during winter months as they get frozen. Frozen pipes will not only block the supply of water but also interferes with the functional ability of the boiler system at the same time. So, prior to welcome winter into your home, it is beneficial to find our relevant ways for protecting the piping system.

Install waterproof cladding and extra layer of insulation surrounding the pipe. Never go with pipe alternation in this time of the year that too all by yourself. Being the integral heating system part you must qualified personnel to carry out the job in your property.

Bleed the radiators

Although it is the easiest task yet most often it is forgotten by the homeowner. Regular bleeding of radiator can protect the home from potential heating issues resulted by the boiler system. If you hardly have time then you should do it once in every year.

But if you can do it before the arrival of winter then it will be better as the issue will be figured out and fixed ahead of time. Overlooking the task can create a serious threat in heating up of the home even after turning it on. On cold winter months, you will be able to feel the difference.

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Cross check the thermostat

Only thermostat of the boiler system can give dreadful nightmares to the homeowners especially when it completely breaks down in the middle of night. So, do check the functional ability of the thermostat once in an alternative day to notice if there is any issue or not!

Not only by turning on and off, but you must also do temperature adjustment to notice if heating responds perfectly. In case, there is any slight problem you must address it as early as possible by hiring experienced heating engineer. Otherwise, once the winter draws in and thermostat breaks down you have to badly suffer either from overheated room or from extremely cold home surely.

Keep the boiler clean

One must hire trained professionals for boiler maintenance works but certainly some can be carried out by inexperienced homeowner as well if the task is minor! A perfect example of this is boiler cleaning. The place around the boiler should be kept clean hence daily dusting is highly recommended for protecting it from potential damage. However, leave the inside cleaning over to experts only.

Turn on the heating before your demand

Occasionally turn on the heating system of your home. By not doing so and only switching it on when there is terribly cold then it is more likely to raise any problem. You will find that the boiler is malfunctioning!

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Ensure that the boiler is in good working condition by switching it on often throughout the year. Also you must bear the heating for that limited time to ensure everything is fine. By doing so, any minute problem or emerging one will get noticed easily. You will have lots of time for fixing the issue before when you actually need it.

With the arrival of winter if you have started to rely on central heating system never ignore boiler maintenance as well. Just follow the aforesaid tips to protect the system and ensure its proper functioning in the long run.

This will make you avoid the expensive breakdown leaving the home deadly frosty! You can hire our heating engineers for best boiler repair services in London at reasonable prices every year as well!

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