July 19


Top 4 Reasons To Start Using PCR Plastic In Your Company’s Packaging

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is a manufacturing materials option that recycles existing plastic products to create new packaging. By using PCRs to double up on limiting the impact of plastics on the environment, manufacturers can reach sustainability goals, increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Several global brands have chosen to employ PCRs in their packaging, and are encouraging other companies to do the same thing.

Switching to PCR packaging almost certainly makes good sense for your brand. Your company can gain many benefits from using PCR packaging for all its products. Consider these four reasons why your company should consider switching to post-consumer recycled plastic.

1. Decrease Water Usage and Greenhouse Gasses

A study conducted by the Association of Plastic Recyclers found that manufacturing plastics out of PCRs reduces energy consumption, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 88% as compared to creating plastics from virgin materials.

APR concluded that despite the common assumption that recycled content may not be worthwhile, incorporating recycled materials into new products and their packaging can both lower expenses and shrink a company’s environmental footprint.

2. Consume Less Energy and Increase Profit

PCRs are constructed out of materials that have already been plastic packaging, and that still retain some of those properties. This eliminates some of the steps needed to manufacture new packaging, saving 50% of the energy that is normally consumed during those stages of the manufacturing process.

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Since using PCRs allows you to consume less energy during the production process, the overall cost of your packaging is lowered. By taking this one step you can increase your profits without raising prices.

3. Attract New Customers

More customers are intentionally choosing to purchase products with sustainable packaging over traditional packaging made from virgin materials. Consumer awareness about the environmental stance of a company is also becoming a driving factor in purchasing decisions.  Studies show that 70% of millennials say that these environmental concerns alone drive the decision to buy a certain product, such as seeking PCR supplement packaging for their daily vitamin supplements.

Today’s consumers have higher expectations of their consumer goods and the companies that produce them. PCR packaging demonstrates your commitment to protecting the environment and can bring new, environmentally aware customers to your brand.

4. Create a Distinctive Look For Your Products

The heating processes used to manufacture packaging from PCRs produce a darker look in the finished product. Amber, black and blue containers are particularly attractive options for PCR packages, including custom mylar bags, and balancing your design with brightly colored printing can be an effective way to create a distinctive way to brand your product.

Leveraging the natural properties of PCRs to manufacture packaging that creates strong brand awareness in the marketplace is a smart way to lower costs while providing real benefits for your company.

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Using PCRs in consumer packaging is the best way to lower costs, increase brand awareness and bring new customers to your brand, all while doing the right thing for the environment. Consider switching your company’s packaging today.


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