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Travelling to Hampi – Vital things to know about for a thrilling vacation

Hampi is all about stone ruins that date back to rather the Middle Ages. You can come across impressive landscapes, historical carvings, hills of boulders and incredible temples. This town is also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Following this travel guide will allow you to enjoy the trip thoroughly. Moreover, evolve back hampi food menu is quite vast, ensuring that you are satisfied.

Its history

In 1500, Hampi was regarded to be the world’s second biggest city! It had back then served as the great Vijayanagara Empire’s capital. But it was conquered and then destroyed by the invading Muslims in 1565. Since then it is in ruins and never got rebuilt. There are approximately 2500+ temples as well as monuments located here spread over 4000+ hectares.


A good number of backpackers do visit this place. Hampi has everything to offer to all types of tourists like spirituality, great food, cheap accommodation, laid-back vibe, mythology, sightseeing, history, nature, etc. If you want to escape your busy life, then this is the place to be.

Travel tips to follow when in Hampi

Getting to know them will enable you to respect the culture here and also learn some values. Since it is more of a temple town, you can do all the right things and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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Avoid stepping on thresholds

Avoid stepping on doorways while entering any temple. Step over it. The same needs to be practice while entering someone’s house in South India. Also avoid sitting on the threshold as it is prohibited as per South Indian custom.

Remove your shoes when entering any temple for Darshan

This is a must in any temple you travel across the globe. There have been established places to keep your shoes and sandals safely either free or for a small amount.

Dress code to visit Hampi temples

Generally no dress code exists here. It will be wise to cover your knees and shoulders out of respect. It is to be followed by both women and men.

Always enter the temple from Garuda or the bull’s left side

Any temple here is likely to have a Garuda or a bull at its entrance. You need to move inside the temple from the left side of Garuda or bull.

When inside the temple move clockwise always

It is a custom to walk within the temple complex in clockwise direction. Hence, the sacred deity will always been to your right side. On the other hand, moving anticlockwise is considered to be disrespectful to the sacred deity of the temple.

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Exit temple always on Garuda or Bull’s opposite side

This is a rule that you need to follow as per Hindu religious custom. Exit path is just the opposite of how you entered.

No photos allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum

In majority of the temples in India, taking images of the god within the sanctum is strictly prohibited. Not heeding to it will only cause you to face steep fines and confiscation of your camera or smartphone.

Free to visit

The temples at Hampi are all free to enter. But if you carry phones or cameras (where allowed), then you may need to pay a small amount. This money collected is used for temple maintenance.

Temples closed for lunch between 12.30 & 2pm

Temples are closed temporarily during this time as priests take their lunch breaks.

Leather objects not to be worn or carried while entering any temple

Hindus consider cows to be a sacred. Hence, all products made of leather are not allowed within the temple premises including your leather backpack.

Women having periods not permitted to enter the premises

According to Hindu religion, women of all ages are not permitted to enter the temple if they are experiencing period. Once this stage is completed, they should purify themselves to enter the temples.

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Accept offerings/prasadam

In South Indian temples, it is quite common for devotees to offer prasadam or offerings made to God to other devotees visiting the temple for darshan. It can be snacks like bananas, chakra pongal, ven pongal, vada, etc. If you don’t want it, then refuse it politely. But do not throw it away as this Prasad is considered a sacred blessing.

Take proper permission before taking any photo of any person

This is manners that you have to follow not only in Hampi, but also anywhere in the world. You cannot just point your camera secretly and take photos. Rather take the person’s permission and many will not refuse it.

Places to visit

  • Hampi Bazaar: There once was a flourishing marketplace at the street that led away towards Mantanga Hill from Virupaksha Temple. You can get to see the pavilion remains on both the sides.
  • Virupaksha Temple: It is considered to be Hampi’s main tourist spot. It is visible from anywhere due to its hovering Golden Tower. You are sure to experience the spiritual vibe here. An elephant is present within the temple complex.
  • Achyutraya Temple: This non-living temple presently is in a damaged condition. It was constructed in 1534 by a king for his wife. There once thrived a ladies market before the temple.
  • Monolith Bull: You will come across an impressive monolith bull at the place where the Hampi Bazaar ends. It is carved from a single rock that makes it unique. There is also a shrine near it.
  • Hampi walking tour: This heritage walk can take you to five interesting places in Hampi. It includes Virupaksha Temple, Monolith Bull, Hampi Bazaar, Vithala Temple and Achyutraya temple. They are all closeby. For cooler things, you may indulge in climbing Mantanga Hill.
  • Vithala Temple: While walking towards this temple, you will come across numerous impressive ruins including the stone chariot.
  • Lakshmi Narasimha Statue: This statue is located in Nuggehalli. It is actually a mammoth statue of half lion and half man. It was constructed in 1528, but in 1565, the invading Muslims had destroyed it. But again, in 1985, it got reassembled to its former beauty.
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The exotic evolve back hampi food menu is sure to compel you to stay for more days.


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