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Unique Rugs That Will Perfectly Finish a Bohemian-Style Home

Rugs can add pattern to otherwise neutral spaces without overpowering the room’s style. They can also add depth and warmth. A simple jute rug under a full or queen size mattress bed or around the edges of a sofa can make a statement. This type of rug is also environmentally friendly, which is another plus. Depending on the pattern and style of the room, a jute rug may work well alone or under a variety of other rugs.

Rugs are a great choice for bohemian-style homes, especially if you’re planning to use rugs throughout the home. Bohemian style is known for its mixture of patterns and textures.The color palette of this style is typically light, but darker shades are sometimes used to ground accents and create a more eclectic look. Rugs with multicoloured patterns can add a fun bohemian touch without overpowering the room.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add a bohemian touch to your home, consider upcycling. Recycled furniture is a great option, as is furniture made from pallets. You can even use the wax from old jars to make candles.

Rugs are an integral part of boho style decor, and should match the shape of the room, as this will keep visual symmetry and help pull the space together. You can use larger area rugs to define a space, or small statement rugs to add a gorgeous accent to a smaller room. Rugs can also be functional, as they act as wall hangings and insulators.

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Different Types of Rugs That Can Be Used in a Bohemian-Style Home



If you are interested in creating a Bohemian style home, you may want to incorporate a variety of rugs. For example, you can use Berber area rugs or authentic Moroccan rugs. You can also use flatweave rugs.

  • Berber Area Rugs: Berber area rugs are traditional handcrafted rugs created by people of the country of Morocco.
  • Authentic Moroccan Rugs: Authentic Moroccan rugs can be a great choice for your home, especially if you want to add a unique flair to the room.
  • Artisanal Rugs: Adding a rug to a room creates a focal point for the room and can also be used to define the space.
  • Flatweave Rugs: If you want to give your home a bohemian-style aesthetic, flatweave rugs are the perfect choice.
  • Moroccan Rugs with Tribal Motifs: Incorporating Moroccan rugs with tribal motifs in your home is a great way to add color and texture to your interiors.

How to Style a Rug in a Bohemian-Style Home

Bohemian-style colors should be light and bright. You can use light tans, oranges, and yellows as your base color. You can also use the 60-30-10 rule to decorate with colors. Bohemian colors are also light and airy, so they shouldn’t make your room seem heavy or dark.

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Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are a versatile way to update your decor. They are durable and eco-friendly and can add a cozy feel to any room. They also work well in places that do not have a lot of seating. Plus, they can hide flooring flaws and keep feet warm. Also, you must buy the rugs size based on the sleeping styles of the dogs.

Shag rugs in a bohemian-style home should be colorful and not too small. The colors can be soothing and add a pop of visual drama to the room. Especially in a kid’s room, a soft shag rug can give a room a cheerful and fun atmosphere. It also looks good in a nursery or playroom. The colorful pattern also makes a room look bigger. It also complements white or light gray furniture, and is perfect for any busy space. It can even be pet-friendly.

Vintage Rugs

Bohemian-style homes are often colorful, and you can incorporate this design in your home with vintage rugs. These carpets can be found in a variety of surfaces, and are woven by hand to create a unique style. Some have a textured surface and others have lovely bunches. Persian-style floor coverings are also a good choice, as they are handwoven with high knot density and are a great heirloom piece. Bohemian carpets will work with any decor, and you will be able to find many different types to match your decor.

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These rugs are durable and easy to clean. They also offer a soft, silky feel when you get out of bed. These rugs also provide control of foot traffic in your living area, which is important if you have children or pets.

Personalized Rugs

The bohemian style is often associated with colorful, layered rugs. They’re a good fit for living rooms and kids’ rooms. You can layer rugs to give your room a unique look and benefit from sound absorption. Also, layering rugs allows you to use smaller rugs in larger rooms.

If you’re decorating for comfort and warmth, a boho outdoor area rug is a great addition. These rugs are often made of 100% wool and have a low pile height. They look great in a living room with tan leather furniture or wicker furnishings, and they’re also a great match for a kid’s room or playroom.

Non-Traditional Ways to Display Rugs

Decorative rugs can be an ideal addition to a bohemian-style home. Bohemian decor often features earthy hues. Green, brown, and grey are popular base colors. Alternatively, you can opt for brighter hues if you want to add some color to the room.

The rugs in a bohemian style home should match the overall shape of the room, in order to create a balanced look. You can go for a large area rug to define a room, or for a smaller statement rug to create a beautiful accent. Whether you choose a large or small bohemian rug, make sure to pair it with a rug pad to keep it in place.

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Bohemian design is characterized by a mix of patterns and textures. Often, this style incorporates textiles from all over the world. For example, ikat from Cambodia and suzani from central Asia are common choices. In addition, Bohemians are drawn to layered throws and hanging tapestries. Rugs are a great way to add texture and color to your rooms. You can even use area rugs as wall accents and use them to complement your other decor pieces. For an even more Bohemian look, you can use white as a background color, creating visual space and adding texture to your space.


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