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What Is Hajj ? and History and Reality of Wadi-E-Jin

For Muslims, Hajj is the most important practice as it is the final pillar of Islam. Muslims throughout the world really cherish this time because it comes once a year. Embarking on this pilgrimage is extremely beneficial and Muslims all around the world come to the Holy House of Allah (SWT) to execute it. it is permissible only for those who are physically and financially stable. It is a chance for Muslims to wipe away their sins and stay kind and positive in the future. Hajj contains a number of rituals that must be performed successfully and even a slight mistake can disregard your whole Hajj. Be careful while conducting any of its rituals and go step-wise.

 History of The Hajj

While following the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W), Muslims find the rites and practices of Hajj back from the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and Hazrat Ismail (A.S). Muslims believe God tested Ibrahim’s faith by commanding him to sacrifice his only son, Ismail. Ibrahim was about to comply with the command when God intervened, saving his son. This is celebrated as the final ritual of Hajj where Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha. Moreover, from history, it involves many other of these incidents like the stoning of the devil is done because the devil tried to stop Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) by influencing his thoughts but was unable to do so. Sa’i is performed to remember the struggle Hazrat Hajra (A.S) faced for son Ismail when there was no water. Mount Arafat is the site where Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) delivered his last sermon and it’s also a place where Adam and Hawa met on the earth.

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Why It Is Important for Muslims to Perform Hajj?

Here are some of the reasons that show why Muslims do it once in a lifetime:

Islam’s Fifth Pillar:

Being the last pillar of Islam, it is mandatory for Muslims to undertake it at least once in their lives whenever they get a chance. It is the time when they gather unlimited blessings from Allah Almighty and seek forgiveness.

Unity Among Muslims:

During Hajj, millions of Muslims put their disparities aside including race, caste, economic status, country, and even sect to gather and worship together in the sacred pilgrimage. Everyone is dressed in the basic two-piece white clothing that allows no discernible distinction when they all stand alongside.

A Process of Learning:

The Hajj season offers a lot of good and great times since it brings Muslims together to pray and to learn from one another.

A New Beginning:

After the performance of this pilgrimage, Muslims become as pure and clean as a newly born baby. It’s a time when one can focus on their shortcomings and sins and promise not to commit them again.

History and Reality of Wadi-E-Jin

Wadi al-Jin also referred to as Wadi Al-Baida, is a mystical valley or Wadi, located near Madinah. Some refer to it as the Ghost Road since automobiles travel here on their own without any driver driving them. It is situated 30 kilometers northwest of Madinah and is considered a natural park by residents of Madina. To begin, let us define Wadi Al-Jin. Wadi indicates valley, and Jin means a Genie or a ghost. Jins are supernatural paranormal entities or fire-breathing creatures. The location is considered a magical valley that attracts the interest of large numbers of visitors. This comprises both residents from the area and Muslim travelers from all across the world. There have also been several tales of city people going to this spot and pitching tents. This is particularly the case on weekends. If you are really interested in visiting this valley, then you can visit it when you come to perform Umrah. For this, you might obtain September Umrah packages and visit this beautiful and mysterious valley during your journey.

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No doubt, that Jins do exist in reality and they are created from fire. The religious book of Muslims, The Holy Quran, contains a whole Surah named Surah Al-Jin. It means that Allah (SWT) has created Jins and they do exist in real life but a human eye cannot see them. Muslims are also aware that Hazrat Suleiman (R.A) was made the head of Jins. All of the Jins listens to them and He instructs them. Moreover, there are a lot of instances where Jins are mentioned in the Quran or Ahadith depending upon the ongoing situations of that time not specifically related to Wadi-e-Jin. A true Muslim believes in the existence of ghosts as they are the creation of Allah Almighty.

Do You Think Wadi-E-Jin Is Real?

We know that Jins are real and have an existence in this world. But the main question here do they exist in Wadi-e-Jin as rumored by individuals. After Makkah, Madinah is the second holiest location for Muslims. There are tales or anecdotes regarding the valley that when automobiles arrive, they switch off or go into neutral spontaneously, that cars occasionally start driving towards Madina, and that cars may reach speeds of up to 120 km/h in a matter of minutes. Another well-known and recorded tale is that if water was thrown on the floor, it would travel uphill rather than downhill. This story goes completely against the laws of physics, while those who only accept reasoning and scientific evidence must travel to this valley to witness this magic of my Lord with their own eyes.

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This valley is filled with love and respect for the Prophet (P.B.U.H). When Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W) was traveling through this valley, a Yahudi approached him and demanded him to show him a marvel. He (S.A.W) questioned the Yahudi what miracle he desired to witness. The Yahudi indicated over a tree and said, “Call that tree to you if you are a Prophet, and the Tree will hear you and accept your instructions.” When the Prophet (P.B.U.H) saw the Tree, it began wandering towards Him PBUH, and the Yahudi instantly adopted Islam.

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