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Here are 6 Innovative Business Topics To Start With

Starting a business is not easy. It goes through various stages to land on a launchpad. It takes a lot of time and research about an innovative yet viable idea for a business. The first and foremost step is idea generation. We are happy that you made us a part of your research.

After the introduction of the new normal, we need refreshed ideas. So here we are with some innovative ideas that will suit modern times, like podcasts on the kratom herb. We will also share the market statistics in that field. It will enable you to understand its growth potential. It is essential to work upon something viable on online and offline platforms. And these ideas are the ones that you can start without dedicating much time.

Everyone wants to work around their hobbies. So, we have shortlisted ideas based on six highly loved leisures.

Do what you love!

We present you the ideas and let your heart pick one for you. We are focusing on six most-liked activities:

  • Painting and sketching
  • Dancing and playing instruments
  • Styling
  • Cooking
  • Sharing your expertiseWriting

We have business ideas for everyone who has an interest in any of these fields. Stay tuned with us to find your perfect match.

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Turn waste into the best.

Creativity is adding magic to most rejected goods. What others see as a waste, a creative individual sees art in it. We all use and throw several items every day. Out of them, you can reuse a majority of goods. Make decor from used goods at homes like vases, paintings, and wall hangings. Are you good at it?

Can you make scrap salable? Collect those used wine bottles, pieces of clothes, nut bolts, and much more. Add your creative magic to it or take inspiration from similar businesses. You can sell them through e-com websites or Instagram stores. This business demands low investment and a high growth rate. A report by Uniliver shows that every third customer of lifestyle products opts for sustainable goods. These businesses have the potential to grow in both online and offline stores. So, go ahead and make the world fall for your art.

Start an online tutorial.

Have you heard the quotes stating never sell your art for free? That makes sense, right? So, to all the dancers and expert instrumentalists, how about sharing your skill with the world? Do not worry! It might sound not very easy, but actually, it is not. Fortunately, we have free video conferencing apps.

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You can start your online classes to suit your time and ease and teach your skill in the comfort of your home. This business demands your time and no monetary investment.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Plan out the workflow of your business.
  • Share the course details via social media platforms
  • Follow subscription plan
  • Get enrollments
  • Pick up a free video-conferencing platform
  • Start the classes and rock!

You can choose from these free platforms to conduct your classes:

  • Zoom meet
  • Google meet
  • Skype

An article from Economic Times highlights the growth of these online classes.

Share your style

Do you wear your hair well? Or are you good at creating outfits? Are you a good interior, wardrobe, or garden decorator? Then, why waste these skills? Use the online platforms and share your creations. Record a video of it or get on Pinterest. Youtube being a free platform, has made it easy to showcase our talents.

You can monetize your skills through regular video posting on youtube. It is now an evolving career option. There are several courses to teach its algorithms. You can follow them to boost your subscription. Make your talent your prized possession. And outshine the world with your skill.

How about a goodness blog

Is cooking all that you love? Do you love to experiment with spices and cuisines? How about turning your love into your first business idea?

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There is no brainer that everybody loves tasty food. And, for that recipe is a must. So, why hide your master dishes? Go ahead and create a blog site to share your recipes. You can create blog sites with accessible sources like Blogger, WordPress, or Medium. You can also make videos while cooking. Upload the video on YouTube and link it to your blogs. It will increase your reach and it will be easier for the readers to understand the process.

This business requires no extra involvement of time and money. And no pandemic or lockdown can hamper your growth. An article from mint talks about the trend of food bloggers. They mention how food bloggers emerged as famous names in the country.

Start a podcast


Do you feel you have in-depth knowledge about any particular topic? It can be your knowledge about a tourist’s place, an investment plan, healthy diet, language, or herbs like kratom. Identifying the market gap can help you grow. In all the above suggestions, podcasts regarding herbs can grow fast. The regulations about them keep fluctuating. You can share your knowledge about the kratom business, its legal status, and its pros and cons.

Numerous people want to know everything about the herb. You can create a popular channel while talking about kratom. Share your knowledge through a podcast and start earning. According to a survey by Infinite Dial 2021, over 41% of the US population listens to audio content monthly. An estimate shows that the numbers will reach 80 million next year.

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Ebooks and audiobooks

Are you a writer? Do you love writing novels or short stories? How about sharing them? Publishing a book can be a tough job. But releasing an audiobook is easier. The concept of ebooks is highly loved and appreciated. You can write a novel or collection poetries. To multiply the excitement, give it your voice and make it an audiobook. You can voice over other novels as well.

Yes, you can do it all. The inclination towards audio content is increasing rapidly. And due to the availability of several free platforms, it is now easy to start your business. You need a login ID and a selection of a few credentials you are ready to launch. You can begin your ebook on audible as well as on Spotify. You can check other regional applications that offer free launches of audiobooks. The platforms have a large user base, so it is easy to grow there.

Final words

By now, you must have decided. You must have got your element in the pool of six potential ideas. Whatever you do, make sure to add your magic to it. It will give you an identity and boost your growth. Love your business, live your business and keep sharing it.

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