July 25


The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Relocating Abroad

The international moving guide will list the common mistakes by that we can avoid them effectively.


But when it comes to ensuring the move itself goes as smoothly as possible, you might be feeling overwhelmed. There is so much that could go wrong if you don’t plan enough, from not being able to find accommodation to battling to access your funds after arriving.


In this article, we have listed the most common relocating mistakes so that you can effectively avoid them.


Moving Without Visiting First

Even though you have access to a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips and should research as much as possible, it’s still wise to visit the region before relocating. There are so many essential details that you won’t be able to uncover with research.


When visiting, you can explore the neighborhood, get a first-hand experience of the schools, view real estate listings to find your new home and get to know the locals. Getting an accurate understanding of these details is impossible without visiting a country.


Overlooking Insurance Policies

Purchasing insurance is one of the only ways to ensure unpredictable expenses don’t upset your financial stability. But life insurance and shipping insurance are not the only policies you will need when relocating abroad. Travel insurance is a policy tailored specifically for expatriates.


International travel insurance is undoubtedly essential for international travelers. This kind of insurance ensures expatriates have access to quality healthcare and financial protection from various travel-related mishaps like lost baggage, delayed flights, and more.


Not Securing Employment

Even if you are relocating to a country with a thriving job market, the worst mistake an expatriate can make is moving before securing employment.


Regardless of how stable the job market is, there’s no surety you will find a job soon after you relocate. It could take months, and you might not have enough money saved up to carry you through a potentially lengthy phase of unemployment. Even if you have decided to become a digital nomad, you must still secure your income before moving.


Using Local Movers

Local moving companies might offer you a better deal on the costs of moving abroad. However, this doesn’t mean that they can offer you the same quality services. Unfortunately, local movers will only be skilled in moving your belongings if you are moving to a new neighborhood or a nearby city.


On the other hand, international movers already know how to navigate all the specifics of shipping belongings into a foreign country. You won’t need to worry about potential complications emerging when your things arrive at customs.


Bringing Everything With You

Whether you have a sentimental attachment to your belongings or not, bringing everything with you will be an astronomical expense. Shipping personal belonging overseas can cost a fortune, which is why most expatriates choose to move with as little as possible.


Create a list before moving to decide which items are worthwhile to bring with you. Often, it’s cheaper to replace items than it is to ship them long distances.


Forgetting To Sort Out Your Tax

Tax responsibilities might be the last thing on your mind when relocating. But if you don’t settle your tax obligations in your home country, you will be liable for hefty fines and other potential consequences. With this, you might encounter issues with your Visa, opening a foreign bank account, and buying property abroad might be impossible as well.


Instead of overlooking your taxes, consult an account right away to sort out your tax returns, outdated fees, and other important specifics that ensure you are a tax-compliant expatriate.


Not Setting Up A Bank Account Soon Enough

If you decide to wait until you arrive in your new home country, you will be at risk of not having access to your funds for an indefinite amount of time. Instead of taking the risk, opening a bank account before relocating is wise. This way, you can transfer funds to your new bank account before leaving, avoid hefty conversion fees, and have access to your money the moment your flight lands.


Underestimating The Moving Time Frame

You might be able to slim down the moving time frame if you are only moving to a new neighborhood. But when relocating abroad, the move will undoubtedly take a lot longer. Depending on where you decide to move to, it could take between one and three months to get everything done.


In addition to the above, it’s also wise to find temporary accommodation, such as short-term rentals, instead of hoping to find your new forever home when you arrive. Short-term rentals and private rentals are the best options for temporary accommodation as hotels and guesthouses are more expensive and less comfortable.



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