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Types of Pollution: In our Country List

Types of Pollution: In our Country List

Pollution by water, the contaminated water of factories and factories, they mix in rivers and streams and create terrible pollution. If ever there is a fence, then this polluted water spreads everywhere and makes the water foul, and this foul smelling water mixes in all the drains and creates many diseases. Which harms our youth.

Types of Pollution: In our Country List
Types of Pollution: In our Country List

Due to the high population of cities, the trend of building flats is increasing, so that three to six families can easily live in one flat. In these flats, the requirement of water is more in less space and there is increasing pressure on the ground water reservoir there. The underground water there is being exploited while constructing deep boring.

Due to excessive construction of industries, the contaminated water, waste, chemical waste etc., are discharged into the river through drains. The waste generated from the daily activities of the people living in the flat is dumped on the river banks, which pollutes the water of the rivers.

The settlements living near the city do not have proper toilet facilities, or even if they do not work properly, due to which people there often use the land or drains on the banks of the river or pond for defecation. In the rain, all this dirt gets mixed in rivers or ponds.

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Due to lack of proper disposal of waste in the settlements

People often dump the waste in the water of the pond or river. Apart from bathing and washing clothes, water from ponds and rivers is also used for bathing animals, due to which the dirt of their body gets dissolved in the water. Clothes are washed, garbage, excreta and urine are dumped, old clothes, ashes of dead bodies, rotten things are dumped, not only this, sometimes dead bodies are thrown into rivers.

Humans have polluted the water of rivers, ponds and ground water. It did not even spare the water of the ocean in polluting it. Tourists keep coming and going at many places on the sea shore, due to which many small and big settlements have settled on the sea shore. The people there make a living by selling different types of materials to the tourists.

There is no arrangement of any kind of toilet in those settlements

even if they are, they are not functioning properly, due to which the people of the settlement defecate in the ocean water and the garbage of the house is also flushed in the ocean water. Due to which the water of the ocean gets polluted. Due to the development of various technologies, large ships move in the waters of the ocean, which serve to carry passengers and materials from one place to another.

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Ships often dump the dirt in the sea water after their cleaning. Sometimes the ship sinks due to some accident, then the chemical substances present in it, oil etc. get mixed in the sea water and affect the health of the animals living in it for a long time.

Due to contamination of water

Some organisms die immediately and further pollute the water. Humans also fall ill by consuming aquatic organisms living in contaminated water. Developed countries often throw their country’s dirt and e-waste into the sea, due to which the water is badly polluted.

Initially, when technology was not developed, people used to live in harmony with nature and environment, but due to technological development and industrialization, there was a competition to move forward in modern man. In this competition man is only showing his selfishness.

He has forgotten that his existence on this earth is due to nature and environment. It is also one of the main causes of environmental pollution. Naturally, the water can be polluted only by the death of living beings in the water and bathing of animals, but man not only uses the water for his selfishness for bathing and drinking, but also household waste, industrial waste in it. also puts.
Farmers use different types of chemical fertilizers in the fields, so that their crop is good, the crop does not get insects, hence insecticides are also sprayed. With rain water, all these chemical elements go into the ponds and rivers and they pollute the water there.

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Industries dump their effluents directly into rivers and streams, as well as their fumes are not properly vented, due to which the oily part of the smoke accumulates in the form of a black layer on the surrounding accumulated water reservoir. lives and pollutes water.

land pollution

Land provides the basis for all living beings to live. It is also not untouched by pollution. Due to the increase in population, the living space of man is decreasing, due to which he is fulfilling his need by deforestation. Due to continuous deforestation, not only the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and the amount of oxygen is decreasing, but the balance of living organisms is also disturbed.

land pollution

Trees protect the top layer of land from being blown away by strong wind and flowing in water and the land remains fertile. Due to the continuous felling of trees, the possibilities of becoming barren and desert are increasing. Thus deforestation disturbs the balance of nature. Change in the balance of nature is the main cause of environmental pollution. With the increase in population, the demand for food grains has also increased.

Farmers use chemical fertilizers for excessive crop production and also spray insecticides to protect the crop from insects, which pollute the land. Ground water is being over-exploited and garbage is being scattered here and there. Apart from underground water, the problem of landslides arises due to excessive exploitation of minerals present in the land.

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Plastic does not decay as waste. The place where it is in excessive quantity, there is no proper growth in the trees and plants, due to which the land gets polluted. In the technological age, modern man has invented many new weapons, so that the enemy can be easily destroyed. Due to the use of these weapons in war, many people are killed on the battlefield, as well as animals are killed in the surrounding areas, due to which the land is polluted. Go to homepage


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