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What Are The Important Vehicle Maintenance Tasks?

Examining your tyres is one of the most influential aspects. As proper maintenance of any tyres can significantly improve their life and performance. Many motorists often ignore their tyres and protect their vehicle when it should have been the other way round. Your tyres have more functional characteristics because tyres are solely responsible for causing motion in your vehicle. 

To keep your vehicle in motion it is extremely crucial that you properly maintain your vehicle and to do so, there are various tasks. For example- your wheels should be properly aligned to make sure your vehicle is not veering in one direction, they should get an adequate amount of wheel rotation to reduce the uneven tread wear, they should be balanced to maintain stability while driving. 

Each time you need to service your vehicle, remember to do these four things (1) Check the fluid levels (2) Inspect and change air filters (3) Inspect spark plugs (4) Test battery power.

Vehicle maintenance tasks or vehicle service tasks may vary from one vehicle manufacturer to another but the goal is the same: To prevent your car from breaking down and avoid potential hazards that will affect your life.

Doing all of the necessary vehicle maintenance tasks can be tricky, especially when you do not even know how to get started.

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There are lots of ways you can ask those questions, but it’s clear that whether you’ve just bought your first car or you’re about to drive it off a cliff, there are things that should be done to it on a regular basis. Right?

There are many types of vehicle maintenance tasks. Some examples are oil changing, tire rotation, brakes check-up, fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement and many more.

Here at Autoserv We take care of every aspect of your cars service with one point of contact – our experts who will take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

So, focusing on these factors, you must know what is important and what is not. Although all the maintenance tasks are important and have their significant importance some directly influence the performance and life of your tyres. Like wheel alignment Southampton, air pressure check, Wear and tear, and wheel balancing. 

Air pressure check- You must keep a good check on your tyre’s air pressure. The compressed air in your tyres provides a cushion effect to make a firm motion while driving. Lack or excess of air in the tyre can affect your vehicle’s performance. Not only performance but also, it can adversely affect the overall condition of your tyres. Overinflation means- an excess amount of air pressure is the most common reason behind tyre blowouts, especially in summers. They cause your tyres to wear out unevenly. 

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Our guide will have you covered when it comes to the most important vehicle maintenance tasks and even some advanced ones that newer drivers may not be as familiar with.

A thorough list of everything anyone could every worry about happening with a car. And then some. That’s just too much information – let alone managing it all.

There are lots of ways you can ask those questions, but it’s clear that whether you’ve just bought your first car or you’re about to drive it off a cliff, there are things that should be done to it on a regular basis. Right?

Notify us of the maintenance task that you want to schedule, and we’ll notify you when it’s time to take care of it. We handle everything from oil changes, to car inspections, or even flat tire repair. All you have to do is give the go-ahead and we handle the rest._

You know that keeping your vehicle in top condition requires regular maintenance. But you also know that it is not always as simple as it seems.

Underinflation means- lack of air inside your tyres, in such an event, your tyre can lose its balance. It is more likely that you might end up in an accident. If your tyres after not properly inflated, the quality of the ride drastically reduces. It is highly suggested that motorists should keep their tyre pressure as recommended in the professional’s handbook. Without a doubt, regularly checking your air pressure at the garage can cost you good money. You can avoid wasting money on garage trips by just buying a portable air pressure gauge to check the pressure by yourselves. Because to maintain good life of your tyres, you must keep a check on your tyre’s pressure. 

Wear and tear – Tyres wear out normally, as it is a consequence of driving. What motorists don’t know is that tyres can wear out due to many other reasons. Especially if your tyres are not properly maintained, they will wear out faster than usual. Poor services and unrepaired tyres cause an excess amount of wear and tear. Once your tyres start to wear out, it starts to lose it the capability of making a firm grip with the road and can lead to skidding and slipping on wet road conditions. The safety measure of your tyres reduces with an increase in tread depth. So, inspecting your tyres is one of the most crucial things and if you are not doing so, the situation can lead to many harmful consequences. 

– Wheel Alignment- Wheel alignment Southampton is the next essential maintenance task that can directly impact the working condition of your vehicle. The proper adjustment of your tyres at a particular angle to sustain the proper stability on road. If your wheels are not properly aligned, they will veer out towards one direction and cause issues while driving. The coordination between your tyres and the steering will be lost. So, getting adequate service for your tyres must include wheel alignment. 

– Wheel balancing – Balancing is a procedure of equally distributing the weight of your vehicle to your tyres. Wheel balancing helps provide better handling and a stable drive. If your tyres are not balanced, you will be able to feel the vibrations. They will deliver a rough ride, which also causes your tyres to wear out significantly. 



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