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Kate Henshaw-Nuttal: Breaking Down the Actress’s Impressive Net Worth


When it comes to the Nigerian movie industry, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal is a name that is well-recognized. She has starred in numerous blockbuster movies and TV shows such as “The Meeting”, “When the Sun Sets”, and “Figurine”. But what is the impressive net worth of this talented actress? Well, our team of researchers has dug deep and analyzed Kate Henshaw-Nuttal’s earnings from various sources to bring you this article. Follow us as we break down the actress’s impressive net worth.

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal Biography

Starting as a model in the late 90s, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal began her acting career in 1993 with the movie “When the Sun Sets”. Ever since then, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has been a constant presence in the Nigerian movie industry, winning numerous awards and accolades for her remarkable performances. She is also a humanitarian, using her platform to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and poverty in Nigeria.

Movie Career Earnings

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal’s net worth has been mainly influenced by her impressive performances in movies. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Nigeria, and her earnings range from N2.5 million to N5 million per movie. Kate has starred in over 100 movies in her career, which sums up to a significant amount.

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Endorsement Deals

Endorsement deals have always been another significant source of income for celebrities. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has been the face of many brands, including Onga and Globacom, earning her millions of nairas in the process.

TV Hosting Career

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has also made her mark as a TV host, anchoring popular TV shows like “Nigeria’s Got Talent” and “Celebrity Housemate”. Her role as a host has also added a considerable amount of money to her net worth.

Product Lines

In addition to acting and hosting, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has created a line of products, including her fragrance line, “Kate Henshaw’s Touch of Spice” and “Fit with Kate” fitness DVDs, which have contributed to her net worth.

Real Estate Investments

Like most celebrities, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has invested in real estate. She has a real estate company, Henshaw Capital Investment, and many other properties. Real estate investments have been a significant contributor to her impressive net worth.

Philanthropic Work

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal is also known for her philanthropic work in Nigeria. As an ambassador for Project Alert, an NGO that supports victims of domestic violence, Kate has contributed greatly to society through her humanitarian efforts.


Q1. What is Kate Henshaw-Nuttal’s net worth?

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A1. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million.

Q2. Which movies has Kate Henshaw-Nuttal starred in?

A2. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has starred in over 100 movies, including “When the Sun Sets”, “The Meeting”, and “Figurine”.

Q3. Which brands has Kate Henshaw-Nuttal endorsed?

A3. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has been an ambassador for brands such as Onga and Globacom.

Q4. What are Kate Henshaw-Nuttal’s product lines?

A4. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has a fragrance line, “Kate Henshaw’s Touch of Spice”, and “Fit with Kate” fitness DVDs.

Q5. What philanthropic work has Kate Henshaw-Nuttal done?

A5. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal is an ambassador for Project Alert, an NGO that supports victims of domestic violence.

Q6. Which TV shows has Kate Henshaw-Nuttal hosted?

A6. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal has anchored popular TV shows like “Nigeria’s Got Talent” and “Celebrity Housemate”.

Q7. What is Henshaw Capital Investment?

A7. Henshaw Capital Investment is a real estate company owned by Kate Henshaw-Nuttal.


Kate Henshaw-Nuttal is undoubtedly an accomplished actress, a host, and a philanthropist. Her net worth, which is estimated to be around $3 million, has been achieved through hard work and determination. With her several sources of income such as real estate, product lines and endorsement deals, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal is set on a path of continued success. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained new insights into the inspiring life of Kate Henshaw-Nuttal.

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